8 of our favorite Jellycat Plush in 2023!

We have a LOT of plush here at Off the Wagon. If we wanted to, we could probably fill a small swimming pool with all of it and dive right in. In fact, we were gonna do exactly that a few weeks ago but the boss lady wasn’t so excited about the idea for some reason. And it's not just any old plush mind you! As plush connoisseurs, we only source the cutest, fluffiest, and highest-quality plush you can find! Today, we wanted to tell you all about one of our very favorite plush brands, Jellycat! You might already be familiar with Jellycat and their SUPER SOFT plush with adorable little smiles. If not, here’s the scoop. All you need to do is feel how soft a Jellycat plush is one time, and you’ll be hooked. Your mind will be opened and you’ll realize there is a whole universe of softness out there that you have yet to experience. Then, before long, you’ll fall in love with how cute these little plush are. It may seem too good to be true, but you should really check out these plush and see for yourself! Start with these: we’ve picked out 8 of our favorite Jellycat plush for you to check out!

Jellycat Grizzo Gremlin Plush

Maybe before the moment you laid eyes on Grizzo, you thought gremlins were gross, wrinkly little monsters who smelled like stale, crusty socks. But Grizzo doesn’t smell nearly that bad, and you can see for yourself how cute he is!

Jellycat Birdling Plush

Know any bird lovers (and yes, you can count yourself)? With more than 10 varieties of different realistic bird plush to choose from, you can find something for everyone!

Jellycat Andie Axolotl Plush

So, it turns out there aren’t any blue Axolotls out in the wild, but that didn’t stop Andie here from sporting his favorite color as a stunning fashion statement!

Jellycat Fun-guy Robbie Plush

As you can see, Robie has impeccable fashion, especially when it comes to caps.

Jellycat Mini Fossily Plush

Dinos! These adorable little plush are perfect for any little one obsessed with dinosaurs.

Jellycat Sage Dragon Plush

Have you ever finished a good fantasy book or movie and thought to yourself, “you know, I wish I had a dragon as a pet.” Well, now you can, and it’ll be the cuddliest dragon you’ll ever meet!

Jellycat Vivacious Vegetables Plush


The little smiles on each of this quirky plush make them so cute! These plush are great for kids or adults who love to cook. You could even get a plush carrot for that friend who’s constantly bringing carrots to lunch.

Jellycat Fabulous Fruit Plush


Not a veggie person? Don’t worry, we’ve got plushie fruits too, including strawberries, bananas, apples, and more.

You can see the rest of our Jellycat collection here. Want to see the entire collection of all our plush? Check out our plushies and stuffed animal collection! Or you can browse our entire catalog here to see all our weird gifts, gags, games, and more!

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