8 Unique & Weird Halloween Gifts for 2022

With October finally here, leaves changing all around us, and that distinctly crisp feeling in the fall air, we’re officially in spooky season! Halloween is such a fun and outrageous holiday. Dressing up, drinking warm beverages, eating candy, and decorating everything in sight with spooky goodness! If you didn’t figure it out already, we’re pretty big fans of Halloween here at Off the Wagon, and we’ve got a whole assortment of goodies that are just perfect for the spooky season. We’ll do another blog soon that shows off our awesome Halloween candy selection, but this week we’ve picked out some of our favorite not-candies that we think are perfect for Halloween. Check these out:

Zombie Finger Puppet

Zombie finger puppets are a great way to experience the zombie aesthetic without putting yourself in grave danger. You see, zombie finger puppets only eat the brains of other finger puppets, not real people, so you should be fine (unless you’re an avid finger puppet collector).

Jellycat Wrapabat

This cute little bat plush can be your best bud for the Halloween season and double as decor! Wrap his wings around a shelf, lamp stand, or whatever else you can think of, and he’ll happily hang around there all day long.

3D Bat Air Freshener

If you’re not a big plush person, you can get this bat air freshener instead! Hang it up in your car or around your house for a multi sensory Halloween experience. The blood orange scent will go perfectly with all the other fall smells in the air.

Funny Bones Bendable Skeleton

A little flimsy skeleton you could mess with for hours. Especially if you had two or three. It's part fidget toy, part fidget toy, part Halloween decoration, and all fun.

Crazy Aaron’s Trick or Treat Thinking Putty

Crazy Aaron’s is (in our opinion) the best putty around. It's super high quality, will never dry out, and they have specifically Halloween themed mini tins that make the perfect thing to mess with on an autumn day.

Horrified: American Monsters

Horrified is a series of spooky, cooperative board games where you and your friends have to outsmart, outrun, and take down all sorts of monsters. In the American Monsters version, you’ll find yourself facing up against the likes of Bigfoot and Mothman! A great activity to pull out on Halloween while you’re handing out treats!

Council of Monsters Action Figures

2 blockhead monster action figures are perfect for Halloween! You’ll get some combination of a vampire, a werewolf, Frankenstein, and some guy with a pumpkin head.

Micro Squishable Reaper Plush

He might be the grim reaper, but he promises not to reap your soul as long as you cuddle him every once and a while. Seems like a pretty good deal, right?

If you want to see all our Halloween-themed stuff, you can check out our Halloween collection on our website. If you’re more interested in seeing all our weird stuff, gag gifts, candy, board games, and more, you can browse our entire catalog here. Happy Halloween everyone!

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