8 Weird and Funny Mugs for Your Home or Office!

Maybe you’re a coffee drinker, maybe you’re a tea drinker, or maybe you dabble with both. Regardless of your preferred hot beverage, we all have one thing in common - a good mug! And sure, you could be lame and put your coffee in a boring, plain-ass mug without any spunk and it would taste just fine (assuming you didn’t botch the whole coffee-making process, but that's on you). But here at Off the Wagon, we’re interested in a little more than functionality when it comes to mugs. We like our mugs to be a little sassy, a little fun, and generally ridiculous. It might not make your tea taste any better, but it’ll sure as hell make your day better! And the other great thing about our silly mug collection is that these mugs make great gifts for anyone who drinks tea or coffee (which is a lot of people). It’s something fun and silly that they’ll use and enjoy! Anyways, we’ve picked out 8 of the best mugs from our collection. Check these out!

Woke up Sexy as Hell Again Mug

Some things don’t change much from day to day. Every day you have a nice cup of coffee, and every day you wake up sexy as hell. And who doesn’t appreciate a little consistency?

Fresh out of Fucks Mug

The perfect mug for anyone who struggles through the mornings. Or anyone who is just generally kind of an ass. Either way, they’ll be fresh out of fucks while drinking their morning beverage!

May the Bridges I Burn Light the Way

They (you know, important sounding people) tell you not to burn any bridges, but what if it’s dark outside? What if I need some light to see the path in front of me? And what if those bridges are the only thing that’ll burn nearby? Then it just makes sense to light up those bridges, right?

Not Today Satan Mug

One tasty beverage a day out of this mug keeps Satan away!

Grumpy Bitch Needs Coffee Mug

Just to clarify, I don’t need coffee to stop being a grumpy bitch. I just need coffee to halfheartedly pretend I’m not a grumpy bitch when I interact with my coworkers the rest of the day.

Calm Your Tits Mug


If you love tits, you’ll love this mug! It’s covered with beautiful tits, like the bearded tit, the long-tailed tit, and the blue tit! Birds, right?

Pot Head Mug

This punny mug makes a great gift for any plant lover. Especially if they love a very specific plant.

Gnome Mushroom Mug

Ok, this one is more cute than funny, but we still love it! It’s covered with mushrooms and some adorable little gnomes.

If you want to see all of our mug and other drinkware, you can browse the entire collection here. If you want to see everything we have to offer at Off the Wagon, including weird gifts, gags, games, and more, you can browse our entire collection here!

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