8 Weird but Simple Halloween Costumes for 2022

Halloween can be a fantastically fun holiday, especially if you’re a kid dressing up as your favorite superhero, princess, or cartoon character! Costumes can be super fun for adults too, but you might not have a good reason for a full-blown costume every year! Or maybe you do but you’re a bit too unmotivated to put together an epic Darth Vader costume this time around. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Here at Off the Wagon, we’ve got an assortment of weird stuff that works perfectly as a lazy Halloween costume! These costumes are a whole lot better than nothing, weird enough to get some good laughs at any Halloween party, and super simple to wear! Check these out:

Fake Mustaches


These fake mustaches are a classic for a reason! Just slap on one and instantly you’re a new person. Unless you already have a mustache, in which case we would really recommend not using these (sounds painful to take off).

Inflatable Beard of Bees

If you want a weirder and more epic facial hair experience, consider blowing up this beard of bees and wearing it around! You get all the aesthetic benefits of a real beard of bees without all the bee stings! Sounds nice, right?

Tiny T-Rex Arms

Grab one of these for each of your hands and boom, you’ve got a very silly and very lazy T-Rex costume! Bonus points if you pin your arms to your side for the night and only pick things up with your tiny t-Rex arms!

Kitty Cuddle Costumes: Squirrel & Acorn

Got a feline friend you want to dress up as well? With this adorable costume set, you can dress up as a squirrel and dress your cat up as an acorn! The easiest couples costume ever (at least if your cat cooperates with getting the acorn hat on).

Kitty Cuddle costumes: Pumpkin Pals

If you like the kitty costume idea, but have a burning hatred of squirrels (or just like pumpkins more), this is a great alternative.

Monster Teeth

Another classic Halloween Staple. With just a pair of these, clothes you already have in your wardrobe, and maybe some hair gel (totally optional), you can easily pull off a vampire look! Or you could just go for a modern vampire and forget about wearing any different clothes than you normally would.

Beardies for Kids

Dress up kids as grown men! Works as an accessory for a much more elaborate costume, or just on its own!

Cerberus Kigurumi

Ok, this one is certainly not cheap, but it’s just as fun and simple as any other option on this list! Just hop in this onesie and you’re done! Then you just have to guard the gates of the underworld for the rest of the evening. Easy, right?

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