Back to School... in a weird strange way!


We are having our crazy back to school blitz at Off the Wagon too... hey we want to jump on the bandwagon here.  Instead of silly useful items like pens, paper, blah, blah, blah... we have some stuff that will make your child really stand out.  And we all want our child to stand out, right?


How about a "Don't Feed the Zombies" Lunchbox to remind the other kids that your kid can get a little strange when he is hungry?  Or maybe a pencil sharpener shaped as a nose?  A lunchbox looking like an eye, so that you can keep an eye on her would make her feel secure and happy.  Or keep the other kids from snatching your kid's food with a "lunch bug" zip lock bag for his sandwich.  And of course we cannot forget the bacon lunchbox.... BACON!!

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  • Jessica Pierce

    I like this and the way you show these type of weird lunch boxes. Keep sharing!

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