9 Adorable Easter Plush & Stuffed Animals for 2023!

Everyone knows holidays and special occasions are better when you spend them with friends, and Easter is no exception! Here at Off the Wagon, we recommend some soft, adorable plush friends for this Easter. Sure, normal human friends will do fine if that’s all you’ve got, but they tend to be a lot pickier about if and when you can cuddle up to them. They also don’t fit into a normal-sized Easter basket very well, so if you wanted to give a friend as part of an Easter basket you’d have a hard time with it. Not so with plush friends! They fit comfortably into almost any basket and are happy to be there. Cuddle them all you want and don’t worry about them asking to share some of your Easter candy with them.

We’ve got a whole sea of plush to choose from on our website, and we know analysis paralysis is a real thing. So to make things easy for you we’ve picked out 9 of the most Easter appropriate plush from our collection, including a couple of different types of bunnies, a grumpy frog, some mushrooms, and more. Check them all out:

Jellycat Bonnie Bunny

An adorable little bunny that can be holding either a carrot, a little flower, or an Easter egg! You won’t find a more Easter appropriate plush than this!

Alter Ego Squishable Plague Doctor

Five different styles of the iconic Squishable Plague doctor, including a barista, a demon, a fortune teller, a jester, and a raincoat version!

Jellycat Ricky Rain Frog

Ricky can be kind of grumpy, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a good buddy. He just doesn’t like waking up in the mornings.

Jellycat Birdling

These adorable, semi-realistic bird plush come in all different styles, like blue jays, pigeons, and more! A perfect gift for a bird lover.

Stuey Hedgehog with Mushroom

Stuedy is really proud of his mushroom, and he wants to show you so you can enjoy it too.

Jellycat Fun-Guy Ozzie

Ozzie is also proud of his mushroom because he knows it makes him look fabulous.

Squishable Micro Luna Moth

If this moth’s big eyes don’t charm you, then its green and red colored wings are sure to win you over! Small enough to fit in your palm, but with a personality big enough to fill the room!

Jellycat Amuseable Toadstool

You’ll never meet a happier toadstool than this fella! 

Jellycat Blossom Bunny

A perfect, super soft bunny plush for all ages.

If you’re not quite satisfied with these options, or you just want to browse all our plush, you can check out our plush and stuffed animal collection here. You can also check out our entire Easter collection here for more Easter basket goodness. And if you want to see literally everything we have to offer on our website, including games, gag gifts, weird stuff, and more, you can browse our entire catalog here. Have a lovely Easter with all your friends, plush or otherwise!

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