9 Cheap, Inexpensive, and FUNNY Christmas Gifts for 2022

Ding dong, Christmas is creeping up this year and you don’t have enough money for all those damn nieces and nephews! Or maybe you have some white elephant thing you only kind of care about so you don’t wanna spend too much on it. Whatever the reason, no judgment from us here at Off the Wagon. Our favorite gift to give on Christmas is shared laughter, and you don’t have to spend much (or anything if you’re really savvy) for that! So we made a list of some of our favorite inexpensive, cheap gifts that are still really funny and ridiculous. The most expensive thing we picked is only $10.99, so your wallet should rejoice! Here they are:

Nose Flute - $2.39

Coming in cheapest on this list in the nose flute. This little gadget is fun for just about anybody and makes a perfect gift for music people. Especially since big boy instruments cost a whole lot more!

Uranus Soap - $3.59

Soap for Uranus. (Hint: Uranus isn’t just a planet). You can use it on the rest of your “solar system” too if need be. If you can find a more funny cheap gift for this price, we’d really like to know about it. (Seriously, email us).

Squirrel in Underpants Air Freshener - $3.99

Looks like an adorable squirrel wearing freshly washed undies and smells like fresh forest. Sorry if you’re really into how squirrels smell and were hoping it was squirrel scented.

Lump of Coal Bubble Gum Tin - $3.99

The perfect gift for annoying friends or naughty children. At least they get bubble gum, which is a huge step up from chewing on real coal.

Uh Oh... Emergency Underpants - $4.99

No one’s ever regretted having a backup pair of undies lying around. You never know what you’ll encounter out there - the world is a big scary place!

Nose Aerobics Basketball $4.99

Who needs phone apps or video games when you can entertain yourself for hours with some nose aerobics basketball? This inexpensive gift will have them laughing when they first see it and then surprise them with how much fun they’re having when they actually try it out.

This Card Is Your Gift $5.99

“This card is your gift. Merry f*cking Christmas.” You don’t want them expecting anything more from you. Break the news quickly. It’s better for everyone.

Mac & Cheese Candy Canes - $6.99

You can still eat peppermint candy canes year after year after year if you really want to, but if you’re a little bored of that (like we are), why not spice it up with some Mac & Cheese flavored candy canes? We even have other weird flavors.

Disappointed Sigh Noise Maker - $10.99

Express your disappointment with the press of a button (check out our video on this one).

Not quite satisfied? Or maybe you're just intrigued by all our cool stuff? Either way, you can find more Christmas gift ideas in our Christmas collection, or you can see all our weird gifts, games, gags, and candy by browsing our entire catalog here. And hey - Merry Christmas!

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