9 Favorites: Cheap and Funny Birthday Gifts!

The thing about birthdays is they just keep happening! It seems like every year all our friends and family are having another birthday! Not to mention coworkers and the like. It can be a lot to keep up with, especially in the money department. Luckily, we’ve got tons of great (often quite ridiculous) gifts for cheap here at Off the Wagon! If you’re strapped for cash and in need of a birthday gift, we think getting something silly is a great idea! After all, it's all the little things in life that are the funniest! For this blog, we’ve picked out 9 of our favorite birthday gift ideas, including some funny birthday cards and even a stupid gift bag. Check them out and pick the one you think your birthday-haver will love the most!

Tiny Nee Doh Dogs or Cats

These Cool Cats and Funky Pups are so fun to squish around and play with! Each pack comes with three cats or dogs in an array of vibrant and fun colors.

Fuck Putin also Happy Birthday Card

Sure, it’s your birthday, but unfortunately that doesn't mean Putin stops being terrible for the day. Luckily for us, we can fit both sentiments onto one card.

Grow a Boyfriend & Grow a Girlfriend

Who could say no to a little love for their birthday? With these kits they can skip the dating apps and just grow their own boyfriend or girlfriend!

Happy BirthTAY Card

Celebrate a birthday in Swiftie style for about 1/100th the price of a (cheap) Taylor Swift ticket! Perfect for the Taylor Swift fan in your life.

Lower Your Expectations Gift Bag

Maybe your gift is only mediocre and you know it, or maybe you just want a really dumb gift bag that will make them laugh. Either way, this is perfect!

Single Serve Cocktail Mix

Yum! These fun and funky cocktail mixes have everything you need to make one delicious drink, minus the alcohol. Makes for a fun, cheap way to celebrate!

Boba Milk Tea Jelly Beans

Yum again! These Jelly Beans flavors were inspired by delicious milk tea flavors, like Tahi tea, taro tea, and matcha.

Soap for the Birthday Blues

Birthdays are usually pretty fun, but sometimes you just feel old. Wash away all those yucky feelings with this special (and quite silly) soap!

I Picked This For You Myself Birthday Card

It’s the thought that counts, right? No? They’re saying that doesn’t apply when you’re trying to give a booger as a gift. Even if it’s a really nice one. We kinda have to disagree, but whatever.

Not quite sold on any of these, or just want to browse more silly, dumb stuff? You can check out our whole collection of birthday gifts here, or all our weird funny gifts here. And if you really want to see everything we have (including games, weird candy, gag gifts, and more), you can check out our entire catalog right here.

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