9 Fun Fidget Toys For Easter Baskets in 2022!

Fidget toys are amazing. Either you’re thinking “Duh, tell me something I don’t know” or you haven't experienced the tactile joy of popping little silicone dimples while watching tv or studying for school (or procrastinating studying for school while watching tv). We highly recommend it! Fidget toys are a great little extra to add to an Easter basket too! They’re little and inexpensive! They’ll be appreciated for any age, they’ll spark immediate joy, and they’ll get long-term use! You could even fit a few of these inside an Easter egg (we think, we’d have to experiment to confirm) for even more Easter fun! We went ahead and picked out 10 fidget toys we think will be perfect for the upcoming holiday. And hey - feel free to get yourself a little something while you’re shopping for friends and family!

Simpl Dimpl

All the popping power you ever really need, small enough to take anywhere you want! There is a reason poppers like this are so popular - they’re extremely satisfying to fidget with! Clip this onto your keychain, backpack, or another bag, and always have it handy.

Super Nee Doh Squishy Ball

This super squishy stress ball comes in a vibrant array of cool colors, and the texture of it is immaculate! Smush it around, stretch it, and just have fun!

Dohjee Blind Box

Each of these boxes has a cute little figure with a tiny Nee Doh ball inside of it. Each box is a surprise, so you’ll also be giving the experience of opening it up and seeing what you get!

Fling Zing Chinese Yo-Yo

Flick this little gadget and a swirl of paper will shoot out, then snap back. If you get a couple, you can have Chinese Yo-Yo fights (but beware of paper cuts)!

Bubble Blobbies

These little things are squishy and tactile, but they’re also sticky so they’ll stick to the wall if you throw them! With their size, you could easily fit one in an Easter egg! Lots of different styles!

Stretchy Noodles

These kind of look like little strings of candy, but we promise they are NOT. They’re little stretchy fidget toys you can yank on or twirl around.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

This putty has all sorts of cool patterns and types to choose from. Mold them, make weird shapes with them, or just squeeze them around! If you keep them in the tin while not using them, these things last for a long long time too!

Poptastic Poppers

If you’re looking for some bigger popper action, we’ve got you covered!

Mozi Rings

These rings will flow up and down your arms as you move. Check out our video to see them in action!

Not quite satisfied with these options? You can check out all our fidget toys here. If you want more Easter baskets and Easter gift ideas (including candy, toys, plush, and more), you should check out our Easter collection! And finally, if you don’t really care about Easter (at least at the moment), you can browse all our wacky stuff here!

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