9 Funny & Cheap Gifts for Your Boss or Coworkers

Working hard is hard work (we know, pretty deep), but hopefully you’ve got people working with you that are worth celebrating. Or maybe it's just that your boss organized a gift exchange and you have to bring SOMETHING whether you want to or now. Either way, we suggest drumming up some laughter while you’re at it! Even the best workplace can get a bit dull and dreary at times, and laughing together over stupid stuff can make everyone’s workday better! Luckily for you, we’re experts at weird and funny stuff here at Off The Wagon, and we’ve put together a list of some great office gift ideas that are super silly and cheap too. Hopefully you find something that will work great for you. Check these out:

Stay Positive Magnet

If this little fella can stay positive while being eaten by a shark, then you can certainly stay positive while drudging through a workday. Even being productive on a Friday afternoon isn’t as bad as a shark attack.

Wake Me When The Boring Stops Socks

A little nap a work never hurt anyone. Well, that’s probably not true, but it's crazy the things you can convince yourself of when you’re 45 minutes deep in another stupid meeting and have yet to hear anything you care about.

Candle for Fucking Meetings

Speaking of dumb meetings, this candle gets you. If you’re lucky enough to work in a place where everyone agrees that meetings are annoying, this candle is a great addition to the meeting room! If not, maybe just leave it there on your last day.

Get Along With Your Coworkers Gum

This gum will magically solve all your workplace drama and help you to get along perfectly with your coworkers. Maybe. The chance is much higher if they like gum. And if you’re willing to share gum.

Fart Citation Sticky Pad

If your workplace is filled with the sounds and smells of farts, these fart citations might be necessary. We can’t guarantee your coworkers will stop, but at least they’ll feel chagrined.

Borrow My Pen?

Sick of coworkers “borrowing” your pens and never giving them back? Each of these 8 pens has a uniquely uncomfortable fake business printed on them, like “Lucky Streak Nudist Casino” and “Stuffed With Love Taxidermy.” Complete with (also fake) contact information!

Probably the World’s Smallest Cornhole

A perfect little game for the breakroom! At least if your supervisor is cool with it.

Found Your Nose Desk Sign

“I found your nose, it was in my business.” A funny desk sign to give your workspace a little extra charm. It’s also a great passive-aggressive move against that nosy coworker.

Dundie Award Candy

Got fans of The Office in your office? Give them this Dundie trophy filled with sour candies when they do something worth celebrating. They’ll love it!

Didn’t quite find the right gift, or want to look through even more funny office gifts? You can check out our collection of office gifts here. Or if you want to browse all our games, gifts, and gags, you can check out our entire catalog here!

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