9 Funny Gifts, Gags, and Candies To Make This Halloween Extra Spook-tacular

Important announcement everyone: Halloween is just over a month away! We’re getting pretty close, but you’ve still got time to prepare before spooky season is in full swing. Off the Wagon might not be a costume shop (although we do have a couple costume-y things), but we still love Halloween and we’ve got all sorts of stuff that’s perfect for celebrating it! Weather you’re looking for decorations, candy, freaky pranks, or fun gifts, we’ve got something just for you this Halloween.

Witchy Green Marshmallow Fingers


Authentic Witch Fingers! In the past few years, witches have really made some big strides in their candy-making abilities. Now, they’re able to pop off their fingers and turn them into tasty marshmallows (don’t worry, they can grow the fingers back). A perfect Halloween treat!

Candy Cigarettes


Weather for a costume, freaking out your mom, or just eating and enjoying, candy cigarettes are a Halloween must-have! If you plan on doing trick-or-treat this year, candy cigarettes make a funny alternative to chocolate and Twizlers (although the parents might not love them).

Harry Potter Gummi Creature

Part gummy and part prank, this gummy spider is perfect for freaking out your friends or family! This gummy spider might be from Harry Potter, but it’s also very Halloween appropriate.

Horrified: Universal Monsters Game


Horrified is a highly rated cooperative game that is filled with Halloween themes! In this game, you’ll team up with the other players to stop monsters like The Mummy, The Invisible Man, and Dracula from running rampant. You’ll each play a different character, like the Mayor or the Scientist, and use special abilities depending on who you pick.To win, you’ll have to solve different problems for each monster. Horrified is the perfect activity for a stay-at-home Halloween celebration this year!

Finger Zombie Puppet


The power to control a horde of zombies is at your fingertips - literally! These zombie finger puppets make awesome Halloween decorations and fun toys for kids and adults alike. Have some fun this Halloween with zombie finger puppets: throw a finger zombie thumb wrestling tournament, or host a finger zombie musical!

Fake Blood Gag


“Ahhhhhhhh, I’m dying!” This fake blood gag will have your friends and family freaking out! Alternatively, it's a great costume accessory. Either way, you’re bound to have people doing double takes when they see you!

Tricks in a Box


These tricks in a box are perfect if you like the “trick” aspect of trick-or-treat. Even if you’re not having a normal trick-or-treat this year, there’s no reason you can’t mess with your family, friends, or whoever else you’ll be with! With fake bugs, shock gum, and more, you’ll have everything you need.

Googly Eye Glasses

These googly eye glasses make a simple yet effective Halloween costume - plus they’re hilarious! If you want to dress up, but don’t want to go through all the effort and expense of a full-fledged costume, just slap on these glasses and call it a day!

Eyeball in Ooze


There’s really not much to this - just some eyeballs suspended in some goo. But honestly, can you ask for anything more in a Halloween gift or decoration! It's fun, it’s gross, and it’s spooky!

Hopefully these items will help make this coming Halloween amazing, but If you want to see even more Halloween products, check out this collection. If you want to see all our products, you can find our entire catalogue here.

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