Funny Back to School Gifts and Gags to Make School Less Boring

School sucks (parents, please disregard)! Here at Off the Wagon, we want to help with the yearly ritual all children must endure and make going back to school a lot more fun. We’ve assembled the wackiest, weirdest, and funniest collection of going-back-to-school-supplies here on the internet so that kids can return to school with a smile on their face instead of tears in their eyes! All of these products are dual-purpose; they will not only brighten your day, but also they will equip you with everything you need to learn, no matter what grade you are (even though this is all really stupid stuff). At Off the Wagon, we’re firm believers in making daily life a little more fun by using useful, hilarious, and adorable items. That’s why we’ve created this list of high-quality yet unique school essentials! Check it out:     

Nose pencil sharpener

Everyone needs a nose, and everyone needs a pencil sharpener. When we saw this nose pencil sharpener, we were thrilled that they combined the two! We guarantee that sticking your pencil up this nose will be a much better experience than sticking a pencil up your own or anyone else's nose.  

Unmistakables erasable colored pencils

These vibrant colored pencils come pre-sharpened, and you can erase them! Un-mistake any mistakes you make! 

Hedgehog gel pen 

We thought normal hedgehogs were cute till we saw the miniature, colorful ones on these pens! These adorable pals’ bristles are great to fidget with as you take notes.

Lunch disguise sandwich bags

Do your lunches look so delicious other people want them? You need lunch disguise bags! Make your sandwiches look suave and sophisticated. 

Poo pen

Forget #2 pencils - this is your #2 pen! 

Grump notebooks

These three notebooks are perfect for school - you’ll need to take notes on all the classroom drama and unreasonable homework assignments too!

Genius is almost frightening journal

If you have a bad case of the Big Brain energy, this is the perfect notebook for you. Let people know you’re acing the homework and so much more with this cute, colorful notebook!

7 year pen 

This pun, ahem, pen will soon be your go-to favorite! It’s both super precise and blends into paper beautifully. With a large ink cartridge, this adorable pen will even last you 7 years - if you don’t lose it. 

Borrow my pen

The next time someone asks to borrow your pen, you can give them one of these wacky ones and snicker to yourself. Each pen is labeled with the name of a questionable business (our favorite is “Stuffed with Love Taxidermy”). Your friends might stop asking you for pens after this… or talking to you at all. 

Hands off my lunch tote

This adorable lunch bag tells people to keep their hands off your food in the cutest way possible! Carry you food in style with this bag’s delightful cartoon characters and trendy color pallet. 

Human organ lunchbox

We’ll just say… It takes guts to use this lunchbox. 

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