Bigfoot and Yeti- Funny Gifts for Bigfoot and Yeti Lovers

Bigfoot is getting ready for the holidays - he’s buying presents, hanging up ornaments around his forest, and making plans to visit family.  He loves this time of year, except for the snow. That's more a Yeti’s territory. Yetis love the holidays so much that they live out where it’s snowy so they can celebrate quietly all year round!  Every year the Elder Yeti plans a massive Christmas Extravaganza for all the yetis and sasquatches (including Bigfoot). This year, for the first time ever, they’ve decided to open up the party to their human friends as well! If you can find the party, you're more than welcome to celebrate with them! If you are attending the Elder Yeti’s Christmas party you better come prepared! Luckily for you, we have the perfect gifts for all your sasquatch family and friends! Even if you’re not going to the party gifts are still great for any Bigfoot fans or yeti lovers in your life!  And honestly, who doesn't love these hairy pals?

Adopt a Yeti


Yetis are a bit more reclusive than their cousins the sasquatches (and sasquatches are pretty reclusive), so they tend to get less of a spotlight.  Thing is, yetis are at least as cool as sasquatches, if not cooler (they live in the snow after all). Unfortunately, way more yetis get passed over in shelters than their sasquatch cousins.  Do your part and adopt (or gift!) a yeti!

Miracle Melting Yeti Monster


If a stuffed yeti isn't quite your ballgame, try this pal instead! Mold your yeti into whatever shape you want, then give it a face, ears, hands, and feet that come with the pack.  Over time the yeti will melt (don’t worry, it will be ok) so you can do it again and again! Perfect for younger yetis and sasquatches to play with.

Wild Hair Sasquatch


Sasquatches have a really difficult time managing all their hair - but they are fabulous nonetheless!  Any sasquatch find this little figure hilarious, guaranteed!

Bigfoot Action Figure


If you think Bigfoot is famous among humans, wait till you see his sasquatch fans go wild!  If your shopping for any teenage sasquatches, there is no safer option than a genuine Bigfoot action figure!

Bigfoot Flask


Perfect for a gift or if you want to bring your own booze to the party (and look cool doing it)!

Bigfoot Koozie


Same idea as the flask with a little bit of extra humor! Bigfoot loves this joke, but his friends think it's a little old at this point.

Bigfoot Socks


A perfect gift for any other human guests at the party (yetis and sasquatches don’t wear socks).  Or you can wear them if you want to fit in!

Bigfoot Air Freshener


Sasquatch dens can get a little musty after a while.  This pine-scented air freshener is perfect for making any cave or grove smell fresh again!

Want even more sasquatch and yeti gifts?  Well, luckily for you, we have a whole collection of sasquatch, yeti, and sloth (don’t ask why sloths) gifts you can look at on our website!  If you want some more human-y gifts, look here! 


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