Board Games make the perfect Valentine's Day Gift

5 reasons why board and card games make the perfect Valentine's day gift:

1.  It is social, face to face interaction.  You learn a lot about your date and loved one.

2. You can play it over and over again.  It's an investment that keeps giving.

3.  Many games are both fun for 2 people and a group alike.  You can invite your friends to play the next time around.

4.  Helps you to learn new things about your partner... how he/she thinks, his/her ideas, builds a rapport.

5.  Games fight the routine and add excitement to your date night

Great games we recommend for 2 players (Available in our Kent Ohio Shop)

Codenames Duet - 15+ minutes playtime

7 wonders Duel - 30 minutes playtime

Race for the Galaxy - 30-60 minutes playtime

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective - 60-120 minutes solving a mystery

Pandemic - cooperative play game, 45 minutes playtime

Castles of Burgundy - 30-90 minutes playtime

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