Bob Ross - Happy Little Gifts for Lovers of Bob Ross

“People look at me like I'm a little strange when I go around talking to squirrels and rabbits and stuff. That's ok. Thaaaat's just ok.”  - Bob Ross

Here at Off The Wagon, we really empathize with Bob Ross; people look at us like we’re a little strange all the time (it’s probably because we’re a little strange).  We don’t chase around squirrels (unless we’re trying to put some underpants on them), but we do have some pretty weird stuff in our store. We love Bob for being weird and quirky just like us, and for all the positivity he brings!  If you or someone you know feels the same way about Bob, then we’ve got some important news for you: Bob Ross swag. We have all sorts of happy little Bob Ross trinkets to bring a smile to your face and some positivity to your day! So take a look.

Happy Little Mints

“Let's build a happy little cloud. Let's build some happy little trees” - Bob Ross

Let your mouth be the canvas and fill it with happy little mints!  When you’re out talking to animals and trees, they will really appreciate how good your breath smells.

Bob Ross Mug


“The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe.” - Bob Ross

The backup secret to doing anything, especially in the morning, is a nice cup of coffee or caffeinated tea.  Start your day off right with this heat-changing mug: when you pour in a hot beverage, Bob will paint a happy little landscape for you!

Bob Ross Pez


“Let’s get crazy.” - Bob Ross

Who better to share a few tasty treats with than your friend Bob?

Happy Little Accidents Book


“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” - Bob Ross

This book is stuffed full of Bob’s best wisdom and encouragement, as well as tons of his paintings.  It’s the perfect recipe to become a calmer, more confident, and more creative person!

Bob Ross Flavor Palette


“Shwooop. Hehe. You have to make those little noises, or it just doesn't work.” - Bob Ross

The noises you’ll be making will be more along the lines of “Mmmmm” and “Yummy!”  But the principal is still the same.

Bob Ross Magnetic Personality


“I guess I’m a little weird.  I like to talk to trees and animals.  That’s okay though; I have more fun than most people.” - Bob Ross

Bob is definitely a little odd - but let's be honest, that's why we love him!  This little finger puppet can stick to your fridge as a magnet too! Because happiness comes in many different colors.

Bob Ross Pin


“Gotta give him a friend. Like I always say 'everyone needs a friend.’” - Bob Ross

Everyone needs a friend, so let Bob be yours!  Put this pin on a bag or wear it as an accessory - you’ll always have Bob around to talk to and hang out with. 

Joy of Bathing


“Oh, green water... oh that's pretty. Boy, I like that, just alive with algae.” - Bob Ross

Green water might be pretty, but it can also be a little gross.  If you get back from an inspiration journey out in nature and you’re starting to stink a little bit, use this Bob Ross soap to clean up before you get painting!


“Well, the little clock on the wall says we're just about out of time. God bless you my friend” - Bob Ross

If you want even more Bob Ross stuff, we have a few more things on our websiteWe also have tons of non Bob Ross gifts on our website (but they’re equally as quirky and great)! 

Have a happy little day!


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