Crazy Cat Gifts for Any Crazy Lady or Crazy Cat Guy

Do you have that fierce feline fever?  Looking for the purr-fect gift for your BFF (best friend fur-ever)?  We all know that one person (or we are that one person) who has an extreme fascination with cats.  Maybe they’re in a monogamous cat relationship, or maybe they are more of a ‘spread the love’ kind of cat person (aka they have a TON of cats).  Either way, they seem to spend a lot of their time, energy, and money on their furry feline friends. If you’re looking for a crazy cat gift for your crazy cat friend, then you’ve come to the right place!  We’ve picked out a few things we think will have them purring with delight! (Probably not literally because humans purring in delight would be kinda weird. But then again, if that’s your thing, no judgment from us!)

“It’s Not Really Drinking Alone if the Cat is Home” gum


A funny reminder that cats are honestly better company than humans, depending on who you ask.  Anytime someone tries to shame you for drinking with your cat and not other humans, go ahead and pop one of these delicious, peppermint-flavored pieces of gum in your mouth and be reminded that cats count as people too!

“The Hell You Looking At?” Cat Mug


This mug is both adorable and hilarious!  Covered with kittens and full of attitude (just like most cats), this mug will be any cat lovers new go-to for their morning coffee or tea.

Crazy Cat Lady Bandages


Gifts specifically for the crazy cat people of the female variety!  The bandages are covered with cats and perfect for covering up cat scratches.  That way when they look at their wounds, they will see all the cute little cat faces and be reminded of why they put up with all the pain.  Plus each tin comes with a free prize inside!  

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure


More crazy cat lady stuff!  This action figure packs a six-to-one cat to crazy ratio, for the maximum amount of hairball action (don’t worry, they don’t actually spew hairballs).  This action figure is perfect to take to work! That way your crazy cat person can live out their cat love even away from home! It’s much less likely to get them in trouble than taking an actual cat to work too.  At the very least, it will get a laugh out of them!

Cat Inflatable Unicorn Horn


We wouldn’t want to leave the cat out!  They deserve some gifts too! For example, a majestic unicorn horn!  According to recent studies, 93% of cats dream about one day becoming a unicorn, so unless you're shopping for a hipster cat who doesn’t follow mainstream conventions, they are bound to love this horn!

If none of these options was quite what you were looking for, or if you just want more cat gifts, we have an entire collection of crazy cat gifts on our website!  We’ve got more cat hats, buttons, magnets, books, and more - all of the cat variety.


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