Celebrate Ruth Bader Ginsburg with these Fun Gifts

A legend has passed. As you have probably heard, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, age 87, died on September 18th. Here at Off The Wagon we’re sad to see her go (and that’s an understatement). More than anything, though, we want to celebrate her life! In typical Off The Wagon fashion, that means a whole lot of random and ridiculous Ruth Bader Ginsburg gifts. RBG herself once said "I would like to be remembered as someone who used whatever talent she had to do her work to the very best of her ability,” Let’s remember her for the hardworking, tenacious badass she was, and let's have fun doing it. Check out some of our favorite RBG gifts:

Ginsburg’s Judgmints & Dissent Mints


If you’re planning to talk in front of the Supreme Court and want to keep your breath nice and fresh, there is really no better solution than some Ginsburg’s Judgmints! Alternatively, grab yourself some Dissent Mints for a mini boost of confidence in your fight for justice. Either way, your breath will smell awesome and you’ll feel awesome.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Nodder


A perfect desk accessory for any RBG fan. Next time you get down in the dumps wondering “Is all this fighting really worth it? Can things really change?” - just look over to your mini-RBG as it nods in affirmation (just don’t bump it the wrong way because then it might look like she’s shaking her head and that is kinda the opposite of what we were going for).

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dissent Round Magnet


Slap it on your fridge (or wherever you put your magnets) for a reminder to DISSENT when the majority opinion is wrong! Plus, who doesn't want RBG’s face on their refrigerator?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pin

If you’d rather carry her face around with you, grab this enamel pin! Stick it to a bag or wear it as an accessory, either way you’ll be carrying around a little bit of RBG inspiration.

Supreme RBG 500 pc puzzle

Ruth Bader Ginsburg standing in front of two big ol’ stacks of books, with a “Supreme” header and three RBG quotes. The perfect RBG gift for those stuck inside looking for things to do - just pull this out and get to work!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Mugs

Two different mugs from two eras of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life - the workout sensation and the supreme court judge. Pick your favorite (or grab both) and start your day off right with a little coffee or tea and some RBG.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg  Magnetic Personality

RBG as a finger puppet - perfect for your next reenactment of her life! It also doubles as a magnet, so you can decorate your fridge!

If you want even more RBG gifts, check out our entire RBG collection. If you’re looking for more general stupid stuff, check out our entire collection!

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