Cheap, Weird and Funny Gifts Under $5 Each

There’s nothing better than putting a smile on a friend or family member’s face with a nice gift, especially something funny that will make them laugh!  The only problem is stuff costs money, and whether or not you’re a fan of capitalism, it can kinda be a downer every once and awhile. Luckily, at Off The Wagon we have all sorts of gifts that will get them laughing without breaking the bank!  Whether you’re running out of Christmas gift money or just trying to surprise a friend on a budget, the funny stuff on this list will do the trick and only cost you $5 (or less!). And honestly, some of our cheap stuff is our funniest stuff too, so talk about the best of both worlds!

Fart Bombs, Fart Whistles


Farts are funny, have always been funny, and will continue to be funny until the last fart is farted on the final day of farthood.  While real farts are free, you don’t always have control of them, and it's a lot harder to frame someone else. A fart bomb (only $0.5!) or fart whistle ($1.50) solves both those problems!

Hand Finger Puppet


These finger puppets might seem like a novelty, but they come in handy more than you would think (heh).  But seriously, these make a funny, ridiculous gift for only $1.25 each!

Chicken Flingers


Some people eat chickens, some people raise chickens, but we like to fling chickens.  Stretch them back, watch them fly, and maybe nail your co-worker from across the office.  They will be really confused. $2.99 for a pack of 2!

Bigfoot Air Freshener


This air freshener doubles as a reference guide if you see a blurry shape in while driving through the woods!  Plus, unlike the real bigfoot, it smells great! $3.99!

‘I Like You’ Magnet


Getting a gift for that special someone?  Well if you like them, their butt, or the way it smells, this magnet is the perfect little gift to show some appreciation.  $3.99

Cat Butt Coin Purse


Where better to keep your coins then in a purse covered in cat butts?  This wacky gift will turn heads and make everyone think you’re the coolest cat (butt) in town.  $3.99

Instant Underpants


These instant underpants will get you out of so many sticky (literally) situations, and they’re so ridiculous you can pass it off as a joke if someone finds them in your bag!  $3.99

Squirrel In Underpants Air Freshener


Support squirrels who want to clothe themselves and make your car smell good at the same time.  0% of all profits go towards the Underpants for Squirrels Foundation. $3.99

‘Rakin it in’ Coin Purse


A coin purse to keep all that money your saving by buying cheap gifts.  Keep raking it in. $3.99

‘Look After Yourself’ Magnet


A reminder to look after yourself.  But just to be clear, don’t actually lick your butt because that's gross.  You’re not a cat. $3.99.

Stress Head Stressball


If spending even 5 bucks stresses you out, then maybe your best bet is this stress ball.  That way you can get the stress out before you gift it to your friend. $4.99 

Creepy Horse Man Wiggler


Yeah, this one is weird.  If your more interested in creeping our friend than making them laugh, this is probably your best bet.  $4.99

Gum and Candy


On top of all these awesome, cheap, and funny gifts, we have a whole collection of gum and candy you should take a look at.  Not all of it is less than $5, but a lot of it is!

If you are looking for more gifts, then check out our website! We can’t guarantee everything is under $5, but we can guarantee its all awesome!

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