Ridiculously Funny and Amazing Gifts for College Students

College is an exciting time in life, but it can also be quite stressful! Whether your college student is going in for round one or is a certified veteran, it's important to keep their spirits up with a good laugh (or many, many laughs)!  While a tasteful pun might do the trick, we’ve put together a list of ridiculously funny and amazing gifts that are sure to send your college student off with a smile.  

Tin Foil Hat

College is a place of ideas and learning - but also weird science things that not all of us really understand.  Who knows what kind of dangerous gamma rays could be shooting out of the chemistry building! Plus, college is a time for pushing the boundaries of fashion, and this tin foil hat would definitely make a statement!

I Like You Magnet

Who knows what could happen in the next year of college!  You student could very well meet someone special! If so, they better be prepared to make their intentions clear - and we think this magnet is the perfect solution! (We are not liable for any uncomfortable situations but-sniffing might cause).

Coin Purses

In college, there are two types of money: survival money and beer money.  Its best to keep them separate, so we have a coin purse for each!

Nose Pencil Sharpener


Hilarious, ridiculous, AND useful!  Turn a normally boring task, sharpening pencils, into a constant source of humor.

Look After Yourself Magnet

Maybe don’t actually lick your butt, but you should wash that thing.  Taking care of yourself is important! Sometimes it's easy to forget when you’re living on your own for the first time.  Remind your college student with this hilarious magnet!

I Hate All You Hipsters So Much Patch

Depending on where your student goes they might encounter a lot of annoyingly pretentious hipsters (please disregard if you or your college student are hipsters yourselves).  Put them in their place with this patch.

Ideas on How to be Less Condescending Journal

College is the perfect time to work on personal skills, especially in dealing with condescension.  Think about it - if they are arrogant and condescending NOW, how do you think they will be when they have an expensive degree to prove they know what they are talking about??

Funny Award Ribbons

College can be hard!  Lots of work, lots of socializing, and too little sleep.  That’s why it's important to celebrate the little things - to keep morale up!  With award ribbons like “Really Good at Taking Naps,” “Didn’t Order Takeout,” or “Netflix Binge Champ,” your college student will be able to celebrate the things that really matter - and have a good laugh about it too!

Grow a Humongous Game

Just add water and your college student will have all the brain power they need to pass that exam.  This is a must-have!


If none of these options pique your fancy, we have a whole collection on our website dedicated to gifts for college students! Take a look for hundreds more funny and ridiculous gags, gifts, cards, and more!



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