Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

Some people are crazy about cats, so crazy about cats that other people think they're plain crazy in general for how crazy about cats they are.  While not all of these crazy cat people are crazy cat ladies, many of them are! And for those crazy cat ladies, we have some crazy cat lady gifts that they will go crazy over because of how crazy they are about cats.  Plus we have a crazy variety of crazy cat lady gifts for crazy cat ladies. Crazy cat lady socks, crazy cat lady gift bags, crazy cat lady crazy cat butt magnets; the list goes on! You’ll have the crazy cat ladies in your life laughing like crazy when you give them these crazy awesome crazy cat lady gifts!  It’ll be crazy how appreciative they are of you! After all, they are crazy about cats, and you are crazy enough to give them some crazy cat gifts! Crazy.

Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure


This crazy action figure is a crazy funny stereotypical extreme of the craziest crazy cat ladies in all of the crazy cat ladyhood.  Your crazy cat lady might not be as crazy as this crazy cat lady, or they might be crazier than this crazy cat lady. Either way, they’ll love this crazy cat lady action figure for how crazy it is!  It comes with six crazy cat figures!

Crazy Cat Lady Socks

These crazy cat lady socks will keep your feet crazy warm and crazy comfortable, all while showing how crazy you are for your crazy cats.

Crazy Cat Lady Game


This crazy fun crazy cat lady game will drive you crazy!  But as you celebrate your crazy love for crazy cats with your crazy cat lady friends, you’ll be ok with your craziness!

Crazy Cat Lady Scarf


This scarf is crazy cat cool looking and will keep you crazy cat warm! It's like a crazy cuddle with your favorite crazy cat!

Crazy Cat Lady Gift Bag


Need a crazy cool bag for your crazy cat gifts for your crazy cat friends?  Well crazily enough, we have the craziest perfect bag just for that!

Crazy Cat Bonnet


Do you and your crazy cat like to do some crazy dress up when you’re feeling a little crazy?  Well with this crazy cat bonnet, you can act like your back in the 18th century. Crazy, I know!

Crazy Tin-Foil Hat For Crazy Cats


If your crazy cat is going a little crazy and thinks the government is listening to its thoughts, this crazy tin foil hat for crazy cats will keep it crazy safe from mind-reading waves!

Crazy Cat Butt Book

Do you know a crazy cat lady who is crazy about crazy cat butts?  Well, this crazy cat butt book is filled with enough crazy cat butts for the craziest crazy cat butt enthusiasts.

Crazy Cat Finger Paws

Are your crazy little fingers as crazy about cats as the rest of you?  Well, now you can give them crazy little cat paws and let them go crazy!

Crazy Finger Cats

If crazy cat finger paws aren't enough crazy cat for your crazy fingers, then you can have a whole crazy cat for your crazy fingers.

Crazy Cat Butt Magnets

Need some crazy cat butt on your crazy cat fridge? Well yeah, there you go.

Crazy Cat Gurus


Something about crazy cats.  I don’t have it in me anymore.  Too much crazy in one blog post.  But yeah, this booklet is really funny and cool and stuff.  You should get it.

Thank goodness that is over.  I might never say the word crazy again.  But if you want non-cat related gifts, we have a ton more on our website!

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