Crazy Plant Lady Gifts For Your Favorite Green Thumbed Gal

If you’ve got a lotta plants, clap your hands! *clap-clap* If you’ve got a lotta plants, clap your hands! *clap-clap* If you're just a little crazy and you treat your plants like babies, if you’ve got a lot of plants, clap your hands! *clap-clap

This blog post is for a very specific kind of gal - the kind that gets really excited about buying a new, expensive house plant even though they literally already have 47 other house plants. We’re talking about the kind of gal who, in a typical day, spends more time taking care of her plants than eating. We’re talking about crazy plant ladies. But not like the bad kind of crazy. The kind of crazy that’s a little bit charming. As long as they don’t start sunbathing during lunch to try and perform photosynthesis. Or dye their hair green, and legally change their name to “Aloe Vera.” That would be the bad kind of crazy. Anyways, if you identify with this brand of just-a-tad crazy (or if you know someone else who does) you’re in luck. We’ve got a whole bunch of fun gifts and knick-knacks you’re going to love! Check these out:

Proud Plant Mom Socks

Your plants will be so happy when they see you wearing these around. If they could, they’d probably blush. Show them you’re proud of them! Plus, they’re pretty cute socks.

Plants Get Me Women’s Socks


As an alternative sock option, these socks will really show where your heart lies (with your plants). People are nice, but they don’t get me like plants do.

The Ridiculously Rude Plants Mug

Plants might seem pretty nice and polite to the casual observer, but the occasional plant has a pretty dirty sense of humor. This mug showcases these plants, like the Cuckold Herb and Family Jewels Milkweed.

Mini Plant Pot Hunks


Wanna add some extra spunk to your potted plants? These mini hunks want nothing more than to sit in a pot and show off for you (or your plants, if they’re into that kind of thing).

Mini Plant Pot Gnomes

Alternatively, these mini gnomes are great for non-sexy plant pot decoration. I mean, unless you’ve got a thing for mini gnomes. Either way, they’re pretty charming fellas.

House Plants Puzzle


Need something to do in between watering and buying new plants? This puzzle is fun, the art is fantastic, and it’s right up any crazy plant lady’s ally!

Dirt Scented Candle

Just in case your house or apartment doesn't already smell like dirt (you know, from all the dirt), this candle will stink it up with that amazing, earthy scent.

Plant Lady 7 Year Pen

Need a new pen for all those handwritten letters to your various platns, encouraging them to grow and telling them you’re proud of them? Well this plant lady pen is perfect for the task. Bonus points, these 7 year pens also last a loooooooong time (7 years (hence the name)).

Pot Head Sticker

Get it? It’s a pun. Because, like, plants go in pots, but it also means someone who likes weed. Heh.

Want to see even more crazy plant lady swag? Luckily for you, we’ve got a whole collection of the stuff! If instead you want to see other wacky gifts, games, and gags, check out our entire collection!

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