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I'm seeing lots of searches on our website for Dungeons and Dragons, so I want to fill you in on what we do here at Off the Wagon.  We sell a good number of the books in our store (but not currently online... see book prices below).

MONDAYS - 5:30-8pm Waterdeep Dragon Heist.  We charge $2 per seat just to cover some costs.We currently are holding two DnD sessions in the shop. 

THURSDAYS- 6pm-8pm Ongoing DnD Campaign.  $2 per seat charge.


Sessions are held in our connecting store Red Letter Days in the back activity room.  You are welcome to come and just observe if you want to find out more.

For an UP TO DATE schedule on when events are please check our event page here.

 BOOKS/GAMES carried in the shop:

Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook is $39.99 (on 1/26/19)

Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide is $39.99 (on 1/26/19)

Dungeons and Dragons Mordekainen's Tome of Foes $39.99 (on 1/26/19)

Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual is $39.99 (on 1/26/19)

Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Xanathars Guide to Everything is $39.99 (on 1/26/19)

Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Volo's Guide to Monsters is $39.99 (on 1/26/19)

Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set $19.99 (on 1/26/19)


+ DnD miniatures, grids, character sheets, spellbook cards, dice!

Off the Wagon, Located in downtown Kent Ohio.  152 E. Main Street, Kent OH 44240.   Open 7 days a week

SUN-THUR  11-8, FRI 11-9, SAT 10-9

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