Effective practical Parking Solution

Here in our hometown we often discuss the growing parking problems.  The fantastic success of our downtown growth has brought urban style issues to the forefront.    At Off the Wagon we are very involved in our community.  We are excited to offer this inexpensive and effective solution to all your parking woes.  This is our Wind up Parking Goddess.  You can put her on your dash and expect miraculous results.  Simply wind her up, set her on your dash and drive by the closest most convenient spots at your destination and the results will astound you.

In an independent study by the bureau of motor inconvenience it was found that the Parking Space Goddess increased chances of finding an excellent spot by 63.4% and finding a good spot by 71.87%.  (Excellent = within 100 feet and Good= within 250 feet of the destination).

Clearly this little $4.99 tool is one that every household is in need of.

(Disclaimer:  You must be in heaven's favor in order to effectively use the parking space goddess.  Independent studies may not be statistically significant as the test population falls below (far) the significant threshold.  Do not wind Parking Goddess while driving.)

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