Funny and Weird Gifts for Pickle Lovers

Pickling is one of the great miracles of science.  Start with any lame cucumber, and end up with pure amazingness!  If you didn’t pick up the vibe, we REALLY like pickles here at Off The Wagon.  Not only do they make burgers taste 173% better, but they are the secret ingredient in a good potato salad.  And they taste great on their own too! Honestly, there's not much more you can ask from your food. If you like pickles nearly as much as we do, or you know someone else who does, then you’ve come to the right place!  We’ve browsed through our collection of pickle related goodies and picked out some of our favorites just for you.

Pickle Socks (Crew)


Pickles for your feet - because who doesn't need a little more crunch in their step!  Hide these under some pants to keep your pickle love under wraps or rock them with shorts and let the whole world know!

More Pickle Socks (Knee High)


You didn’t think we only had ONE pair of pickle socks, did you?  With these knee-high socks, you can be even more bold with your pickle style.  Even better, you can stick a few pickles in the top like a holster and save them for a snack later in your day! 

Pickle Candy


After eating a nice pickle filled dinner, do you ever wish you could have pickles for dessert too?  Well, with these pickle flavored candies, now you can! Take them with you and always be ready for some pickle-y goodness.

We also have tons of other awesome, pickle-free (unfortunately), candy!

Pickle Mints


After eating all those pickles and pickle candies, your breath might be a little sour.  Don’t fear, we have pickle mints to make your breath smell even more dilly and delicious!  After all, you can never have too much pickle flavor!

Dress Up Pickle


Are you full (from eating pickles), but still have pickles on your mind?  Well, with this dress up pickle you can entertain yourself for hours on end!  It’s got all sorts of outfit possibilities, and they all look good because, after, it’s a pickle.

Pickle Air Freshener


You probably shouldn't snack on pickles while you’re driving, for safety reasons.  You would get so focused on its delicious flavor that you wouldn't pay attention to what was happening on the road! But at least your car can smell like pickles with this pickle air freshener.

Yodelling Pickle


We know you want to yodle for pickles you love them so much, but did you know pickles want to yodle for you too?  Most pickles can’t because they don’t have vocal cords, but this electronic pickle has no such restraints! Yodle on, little pickle!

Yodelling Pickle Ornament


On top of yodeling, pickles love Christmas too!  It may only be September, but this pickle is ready to yodle from the perches of your Christmas tree!

Pickle Candy Canes


Speaking of the holidays, we have some pickle candy canes!  Peppermint is cool and all, but it doesn't hold a candle to pickles.  This holiday season, don’t settle for peppermint.  Make it weird and funny with pickles instead!

We have a few more pickle-related gifts in our pickle collection and tons more non-pickle related gifts on our website.  Go check it out!

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