Funny Fart Fun For Family or Friends!

 An old married couple was at a concert one Friday night, when the woman turned to her husband and said, “I’ve just let out a really long, silent fart. What should I do?” The husband told her, “Replace the battery in your hearing aid.” 

 Listen, everyone farts. And everyone knows, farts are always funny! That’s why fart related things make the perfect gift - they’re relatable and hilarious! For him or her, dads or moms, teens or adults, fart gifts are a universal choice. At Off the Wagon, we’re masters at flatulence, and we are strong supporters of a good ol’ fashioned fart joke. Not to toot our own horn, but with over 10 years in the business of weird gifts and gags, we’ve been able to assemble a collection of the absolute funniest and best fart gifts. Check it out! 

Fart Citation

Some people love grammar so much, they’ve proudly deemed themselves the grammar police. It’s time to take that amount of passion and apply it to farts! Now, you can become the FART police. You’ll knock the wind right out of your friends when you cite their farts as a “Full on EPA violation” or a “Yoga/Gym Fart.” Check out our YouTube video where we did just that (it was hilarious)! 

It’s OK to Fart Socks

Fart awareness is an important topic. Nothing is so unnecessarily discriminated against as farts. They’re perfectly natural, yet people hate on them so much! Display your fart pride with these awesome socks. 

52 Farts Playing Cards

A deck of playing cards with a gassy twist! There are many different kinds of farts, and these fart playing cards will help you define and categorize them. Make playing Go-Fish way more funny with these playing cards. You’ll learn more about the wonderful world of farts, and probably die laughing too!  

Uranus Soap

After some farts, you might need this Uranus Soap. Just saying. 

I Never Fart Socks

If someone pulls the whole “who smelt it, dealt it” deal on you, you’ll be prepared. Just flash them these snazzy socks!   

Damn, Dude Lavatory Mist

Have a friend who is particularly proud of their flatulence? This is the perfect gift for them! Not only will they be flattered that you noticed and appreciated their farts, hopefully they’ll actually use it. Think of how sweet it would be if you didn’t have to smell your friends' stink every time you hang out!  

Fart Stoppers

Hey, you know best if you or your friends need these. We all love farts, but sometimes they can raise a big stink. We’re sure your friends will thank you when you give them this hilarious gag gift! (Actually, they probably won’t, but hey, you’ll be laughing too hard to notice.)

Fart Whistle with Cartoon Box

There’s nothing like the long, soothing sound of “THPPTPHTPHPPHHPHBLAARP (a classic fart noise). If you’re looking for more of this sound in your life, try the fart whistle! Now, you can use your face cheeks to make amazing fart sounds too!

Fart in a Can

Fart Whistle just not doing it for you? Don’t want to have to go through the effort of huffing and puffing? Try fart in a can! All the hilarious sounds with none of the effort (from your butt or your mouth)!

The Little Book of Farts

This handy little book will help you rate any fart you might come across. With cute illustrations and helpful descriptions, you’ll become a fart expert with ease. Finally, something that’s actually fun to read!

Box of Farts

Let her rip! This innovative box of farts contains 6 unique, savory, and to be honest, STINKY fart smells. Just open a bag and unleash a truly silent but deadly stink! A hilarious prank your friends and family will love, we promise! (especially if you give them some lavatory mist first). 

You really just can’t go wrong with farts. They’re loud, stinky, and wonderful. If there’s one thing we love more than the sound of a fart, it’s the sound of laughter, which is why we highly recommend giving these fart gifts to your friends and family. We promise, it’ll be a rip-roaring good time! If you’re looking for even more silly fart gifts, check out our whole collection of Funny Farts, Poop, and Underwear gifts. Still looking for something wacky and ridiculous? Check out our whole collection of gifts!

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