Funny Gifts for People Who Like to Cook and Their Kitchens

The kitchen is quite possibly the best room in the house.  After all, it’s where the food is made! In a world where everyone you meet is a unique and special snowflake, food is one of the great unifiers.  Everyone likes to eat, and there lies the importance of the kitchen! Since the kitchen is so important, it's a good idea to make it a nice and lighthearted space to be in. One where the cook can laugh and enjoy themselves.  If the cook is happy, they’ll cook better, and everyone else will be happy too! With this in mind, we've put together a small list of funny gifts to bring the kitchen to the next level of fun. Feel free to get them for yourself or as a gift to the cook of your household!  Either way, you’ll be a little better off!

“Congratulations, You Turned My Kitchen Into a Shithole” Dish Towel

It's all too easy to make the kitchen a mess when someone is cooking.  Obviously, the best thing to do is to shift the blame to someone else who is around, and then for bonus points make them clean it up!  If you’re the cook, this dish towel is the perfect tool to get others to clean up your mess. If you’re not the cook, then this gift might be risky, but it will make the cook happy and that’s almost always a good decision!

“Droppin’ A New Recipe On Your Ass” Oven Mitt

An oven mitt for special occasions.  When the cook is busting out a new recipe, it's a big moment.  There is mystery and suspense in the air as everyone waits to see how good (or not so good) the recipe ends up being.  It could be near-miraculous or disastrous. An event like this deserves some special swag, like this oven mitt. Everyone will know shit is going down when they see this mitt on the cook's hand.

“The Hell You Looking At?” Cat Mug

This adorable and hilarious mug is the perfect addition to the kitchen.  Sometimes a cook wants to just sit back and drink some tea or coffee, and they don’t need you judging them for it. This cat will protect their relaxing time.

“Get The Hell Out Of My Kitchen” Socks

Especially in a smaller kitchen, nothing is more annoying than everyone standing around in the kitchen while someone is trying to cook.  With one kick from these magical socks, the kitchen loiterers will feel the compulsion to flee! (Disclaimer: only works in Narnia or Middle Earth) If you or someone you know finds themselves in this situation all too often, these socks might be for them.  

Not loving these ideas, or want something more? While we don’t have a collection of kitchen related gifts on our website, we do have oodles of silly, ridiculous gifts that could be used to spice up any room of the house, kitchen included!  Try some action figures or various candies for an after-dinner treat!


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