Funny Pickle Gifts for Funny Pickle People

The glories of the mighty pickle! Nothing gives a burger or sandwich that distinct crunch; and the flavor! Nothing beats that flavor. Even if you’re not a dill person, there are so many different pickle varieties to choose from: sweet, bread and butter, candied pickles, and many more. If you didn’t pick up on this already, we’re really big fans of pickles here at Off The Wagon. For us, they’re more than just a food - they’re a lifestyle. Like any good lifestyle, the pickle lifestyle involves accumulating lots of ridiculous and unnecessary paraphernalia to satisfy all our pickle needs. If you relate to our pickle lifestyle whatsoever, or know someone else who might, then we’ve got great news for you: pickle stuff. Next time your fridge is already full of pickles, and you get the urge to buy more, give our pickle paraphernalia a look! Here are some of our favorites:

Pickle Fingers


Do you ever wish your fingers could just turn into pickles? Get some pickle fingers. Have you ever wanted to give someone a pickle high-five? Pickle fingers. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect accessory for your pickle-themed outfit? Pickle fingers are clearly the best option. They’re versatile, beautiful, and easy to use!

Pickle Jelly Beans


We’ve all been there: you just had a jar of pickles for dinner, and now you want some dessert. Eating more pickles might feel a little excessive, but you still want that wonderful favor! Luckily for you, these pickle-flavored Jelly Beans make the perfect pickle-y dessert, and they compliment pickles perfectly!

Pickle Mints


Pickle mints will keep your breath nice and fresh in any circumstance. Of course, by nice and fresh we mean it’ll smell like pickles. This little tin of mints is perfect for taking on the go - it’s a whole lot easier to carry around than a jar of pickles.

Pickle Air Freshener


For even more pickle scents, get yourself a pickle air freshener or three! Hang one up in your car and let the sweet scents of pickles fill your nostrils. Your drives to the pickle store will be that much more pleasant.

Yodeling Pickle


Need something to do in between the times you’re eating pickles? This yodeling pickle makes a great pastime and an even better friend. Just press the button and get serenaded with the classic melodies of pickle culture.

Dress Up Pickle


As an alternative pastime, you could play dress up this friendly pickle! Get fancy, medieval, or make an alien pickle come to take over the world! There are nearly endless options for pickle fun.

Pickle Bandages


Last but not least we’ve got some pickle bandages. They might not smell like pickles or taste like pickles, but the sight of one of these on a bo-bo will bring any pickle-lover enough comfort that they’ll forget they are even hurt!

Believe it or not, we have even more pickle products where these came from. If you want to see all of your pickle options, have a look here! If, for whatever reason, you wanted non-pickle related gifts (and we’re not sure why you would), you can check out our whole catalog on our website!

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