Funny Sloth Gifts - Live Life Slow

Heeeeey. Do you feel the constant hurry of modern life weighing you down? Are you scurrying around trying to find Christmas gifts on top of your already busy schedule? Do you wish you could just take a loooooong, relaxing nap? Yeah? Well like, just slow down for a minute before you go to the next page or look for non-sloth swag. We think sloths have a few lessons they could teach you. Sloths live life slow - they might be late to 99% of the appointments they make, but that doesn't bother them! They’re just happy to be around - anything else is just a bonus. Sloths have been awarded “Best at Hanging Out” in the International Animal Kingdom Awards for 17 years running (Bats won back in 2002 because the sloths didn’t make it in time to receive their reward) - so you know you’re going to have a good time with a couple of sloths around! If you feel the appeal of a sloth-like life, or you know someone else who might, we’ve got a couple of little knick-knacks that will help you live life slow and just hang out.

Sloth Mug


Some of the slowest sloths never get past drinking their morning tea before it’s time for bed, so they spend a lot of time with a mug in hand. Needless to say, having another smiling face for all that time is a whole lot better than a boring, ordinary mug.

Sloth Men’s and Women’s Socks


Keep these friendly sloths on your feet to remind yourself to slow down your stride and take it easy. Perfect for popping your shoes off, kicking back, hanging out, and enjoying yourself, all with comfy and warm feet!

Sloth Nurse Bandages


These bandages are perfect for slowing down the blood and making you feel better. Remember to take your time and get better at your own speed! There's no need to rush the process.

Slow Brew Tea Infuser


A friendly face and a reminder to take a minute and just enjoy your tea - the smell, the warmth, the taste. Your tea will seem to taste better and you’ll be more calm to boot!

Berry Lazy Sloth Lip Gloss


You’re allowed to be lazy - because with this lip gloss you’ll be looking great and feeling great with ease. Plus, it’s berry flavored!

Sloth Wine Charms - Social Climbers


No more stressing out about who’s glass is who’s. Instead, just enjoy yourself and your company! These wine charms will make hanging out 150% more chill.

Be More Sloth Book


Loving the sloth lifestyle? Well no rush, but if you want to dive deeper this book has everything you need to know to live life in the slow lane.

Bonbon Sloth Plush


This little sloth will always be there to snuggle and hang out. It’s going nowhere fast unless you take it with you, just remember to slow down and give it some love from time to time.

Love the sloth life? Want more? Luckily for you, we have a whole collection of gifts about sloths (and bigfoot, their distant cousin) you can check out on our website. If you want non-sloth gifts, look here!



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