Get To Know Us: Erik Kneisel

We’re doing a series of blog posts where you can learn about all the amazing people that make up our Off The Wagon staff! As you might imagine, the people that work here are a little eccentric (just like the shop). We’ve asked everyone a couple of questions, and we think you’ll really enjoy hearing from each of them.

This time, Erik Kneisel is up! Erik has been working for us for the past few years while he’s been attending Kent State. Besides working up front, Erik also does a lot of shipping during the holidays. Before the pandemic, he also helped run some Dungeons and Dragons campaigns we hosted in the shop. Erik is a pretty goofy guy (not a big surprise, since he works for us), and has a really great sense of humor.

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Q: What are you passionate about?

Dungeons and Dragons is my top passion. I play it whenever I can, which is sometimes too much. I have been playing for over half my life (12 years!)

Q: Do you have any pets? 

I have the cutest lil cat of all time. Her name is Serenity, she is half blind, deaf, and a little monster. She's super wonderful, and I have way too many pictures of her that I will always share.

Q: What’s your favorite part of working at Off The Wagon? 

The products. I love seeing all the new toys and games we get in everyday. A lot of my money goes right back to the store for cool stuff!

Q: What are your top 3 favorite products we carry? 

All the Dungeons and Dragons stuff is top.

I also love the Warhammer 40K miniatures and paint.

And, a little old school, but I love our supplies of yo-yos.

Q: What’s your favorite board game we carry, and what do you like about it? 

Betrayal at House on the Hill, hands down. I love how each game is unique, and it's fun to play cooperatively and against others.

Q: Would you rather have a pet unicorn that no one could know about, or a pet squirrel that wore underpants embroidered with the squirrel’s name on the butt (and everyone would know about the squirrel). Why? 

Oh, the squirrel for sure. I wouldn't be able to keep quiet about a unicorn, so I may as well show off a cool squirrel. Plus, they have cool underwear.

Q: If you could have an infinite supply of any of the weird candies we sell, which one would you pick (and why)? 

I would happily eat the cocktail classic jelly beans for the rest of my life if I had an infinite supply. They're my favorite jelly belly product in the store, and I never get tired of buying and eating them during my shift.

Check back soon to hear from some of our other amazing employees! In the meantime, you can find all the products mentioned here (and many, many more) on our website. Go check it out!

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