Funny Gifts for Dads Who Love to Laugh

“Dad, did you get your haircut?” “No, I got them all cut!” 

Dad jokes, bad puns, lots of laughter that leaves you confused (seriously, what is he laughing at??).  The staples of Dad humor. If you know a Dad who loves to laugh, and you’re wondering what to get him as a gift, you’ve come to the right place!  While there are probably endless things that could set a dad off laughing, we’ve picked out a handful we think are especially dad-funny!

Here Comes the Cool Dad socks


Flagrant self-praise - a dad humor staple!  Whether you think your dad is the coolest dad in town or a huge dork (a loveable dork), he will love to rock these socks regardless!  

Uranus Soap and Bathroom Mist


(It's funny because Uranus sounds like “your anus,” and butts are funny)

Get a Load of These Whiskers Socks 


A perfect gift for the bearded dad - because the only thing better than beards on your face is beards on your socks!  If your dad thinks facial hair is way funnier than it actually is, this might be the way to go!

Tattoupees for Bald Guys


From hairy to hairless!  If your shopping for a bald dad, this gag gift is sure to leave him laughing!  What better way to make use of that beautiful head-canvas then to cover it with ridiculous dad humor!

Bacon GiftsBacon Mints, Bacon Air Freshener, Bacon Lip Balm

Bacon!  If your dad loves bacon (and let's be honest, who’s dad doesn't love bacon??), we have a whole collection of bacon-related gifts they might like!  A few we picked out include the bacon mints, bacon air freshener, and bacon lip balm! Take the taste of bacon wherever you go! To top it off, it's the perfect kind of ridiculousness that dads love!

FartsEclipse of The Tart Lavatory Mist, Fart Bomb, Fart Whistle


And now we have reached the epitome of dad jokes: farts.  Find me a dad who doesn't think farts are funny, and I’ll find you a wiener dog that doesn't speak Russian.  We’ve got fart bombs, fart whistles, and anti-fart spray! All are sure to leave your dad laughing wildly!

Instant Underpants 

Both practical and hilarious!  With this emergency package, your dad will never be without underpants (unless he wants to be) or a good chuckle!

I Don’t Wear Underwear Socks


The perfect socks for wearing when dad goes out with his kids and wants to embarrass them!  With these socks, dad is sure to leave his kids red in the cheeks, whether they speak the truth or not!

Draggin Ass Mug


Aaaaaand we’re back to butts.  There is definitely a theme here.  This funny mug is a great option for both laughs and holding coffee - another thing dads love!

If you’re looking for even more options, we have a whole collection of dad gifts on our website!  Lots of socks, mugs, but jokes, and all sorts of other ridiculousness! Whatever your dad is like, we’re sure you can find something he’ll love!



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