Gifts for Mom That Are Unique and Funny

Unique and funny moms deserve unique and funny gifts!  You can always make arts and crafts for your Mom, and she will “love” it, but getting her something she will ACTUALLY love can be a little more difficult.  Whether you’re finally getting mom a real gift for her birthday or you just want to get her something nice (and hilarious), we have a whole plethora of gifts that are perfect for brightening mom’s day with a laugh.  You know your mom and her sense of humor best, but to point you in the right direction we’ve made a small list of things we think moms will love.

My Shit Don’t Stink Air Freshener


Obviously, only about  60% of moms actually poop or fart at all, but a recent study has shown that literally 0% of moms who do poop have shit that stinks!  Most mom poop smells like a rose garden on a gentle spring morning, with a gentle breeze blowing through your hair. A small contingent has poop that smells like freshly baked apple pie (but seriously, it doesn't taste like that, we promise).  This air freshener would be perfect for making your mom’s car smell just like the toilet after she's through with it: absolutely magnificent!

Proud Plant Mom Socks

Does your mom have a garden or a bunch of house plants?  Both? It goes without question that your mom is proud of you and all her other kids (it's part of the job requirement), but you know what else she is probably proud of?  Her plants! If she’s got a green thumb then she’s a plant mom too, and that shouldn’t be overlooked! With these plant mom socks, you can show her how much you appreciate all her facets of mom-hood!

You’re All Amazing and Shit Socks

Your mom DOES think you’re amazing, but she has a lot to do and can get very tired!  When she's completely exhausted, all she might have the energy to say is “You’re All Amazing and Shit.”  Get her these socks and then she only has to point at her ankles and let the socks do the rest!

Where the Wild Mom’s Are

This is the story of a tired worn out Mom gone rogue who finds the wild moms and gets crowned queen.  In the end, though, she remembers who she loves best of all. Sound familiar? Maybe to a book she read you as a kid?  Nah, probably not. Anyways, your mom will think its super funny!

Ringmaster of the Shitshow

Help your mom assert her dominance and show who the ringmaster of this shitshow is!  She’s put her blood, sweat, and tears into raising and providing for you, and you’d better give her some respect!  Or at least some funny socks. Maybe both? Either way, she’ll be thrilled to be officially dubbed ringmaster!

Not a sock fan, or just looking for something a little different?  Well, we have a whole collection dedicated to moms on our website for you to check out!  You’ll find magnets, mints, mugs, and all sorts of hilarious stuff perfect for gifting! Best of luck!



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