Hot Dog Candy Canes & 11 Other Weird Flavors

Christmas is creeping closer people! If you stop and take a deep sniff you can almost smell those iconic scents: pine needles, mistletoe, and the savory smells of Hot Dog flavored candy canes. That last one might just be all the Hot Dog candy canes we have stacked up in our back room though.

Listen, if you’re still eating boring old peppermint flavored candy canes during the Christmas season, you need to get with the times. It’s 2022 people! Why settle for peppermint when human ingenuity has brought us wondrous flavors like Mac & Cheese, Caesar Salad, and Bacon? And sure, we get that the traditional flavor is important to some people, but there’s no reason you can’t get some more interesting flavors to mix in there! Plus, these make a perfect silly Christmas gift for a friend, funny stocking suffers, or a white elephant gift that people will find hilarious!

New Candy Cane Flavors:

Every year we get new, weird candy cane flavors here at Off the Wagon, and every year we think to ourselves “how are they going to top this next year?” But then they do! We’ll start off this list with the flavors that are new to us this year! Check these out:

Hot Dog Candy Canes

A little taste of summer! Now you can enjoy the 4th of July, memorial day, and all those sunny weekends grilling up hot dogs from the comfort of your cozy winter blanket by the fire!


Butter Candy Canes

You won’t believe it’s not butter! Except that it’s much, much crunchier than butter. So maybe you will believe it.

Brisket Flavored Candy Canes

Yum! Even your vegetarian friends can snack on one of these. There is a (very) small chance they might even like it!

Ceaser Salad Candy Canes

You get all the flavor of a Ceaser Salad without any of the health benefits! Nice!

Sardine Candy Canes

Classic Candy Cane Flavors:

Don’t worry, we’ve also brought back your favorites from years past! Here they are.

Mac & Cheese Candy Canes

In past years, these have been our customer’s most-loved candy canes! And we understand why - who doesn't love mac & cheese?

Sour Cream & Onion Candy Canes

Another much-loved flavor, not far behind mac & cheese.

Pickle Candy Canes

If you thought pickles were crunchy, wait till you try these!

Bacon Candy Canes

These are one of the oldest weird-flavored candy canes we carry! Not like the candy canes themselves are really old, we’ve just had this flavor for a while.

Ketchup Candy Canes

Pairs nicely with the hot dog candy cane!

Pho Candy Canes

For a wildly different texture experience from the beloved soup!

Kale Candy Canes

You can browse our collection of candy canes and other Christmas stuff here, but fair warning this blog has been pretty comprehensive! You won’t find any other flavors on our website (at least till next year). What you can find, however, is all sorts of other cool stuff like gifts, games, gags, candy, and more! You can browse our entire catalog here!

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