Have A Great Thyme With these 11 Funny Gifts For Plant Lovers!

Any green thumbed gardeners in your life (and yes, you can include yourself)? Or maybe they don’t have a garden, but the inside of their house LOOKS just like a garden because of all the house plants they have. And maybe they’ve made up names and personalities for each of their plants too. And maybe the last time you went over to their house they got kinda mad at you for saying Mark the Cactus looked kinda funny because “He can hear you ya know, you might hurt his feelings!” This is all hypothetical of course. Anyways, if you know anyone who likes plants anywhere close to the amount that this hypothetical friend does, we’ve got a few funny gifts we think they’ll love! Show them you’re ‘rooting’ for them with these awesome plant gifts:

Mini Plant Pot Gnomes

Unlike real gnomes, these little guys won’t turn invisible when you come into the room in order to hide their existence from humankind. That means they make wonderful little decorations for any garden or potted plant!

Plant Life Pencils

Each of these pencils has a funny plant pun written on the side, like “Ok bloomer” or “You grow girl!” Perfect for taking detailed notes on how all your plants are doing, or sketching your favorite succulent.

Crystal Cactus

While not actually a plant, a crystal cactus makes a super colorful and fun addition for gardens or arrangements of house plants! With this kit, you’ll have everything you need to grow your own crystal cactus, so you can make a fun craft out of it too!

Jade or Aloe Succulent Plush


These Plush are even easier to take care of than real succulents! Plus, they are absolutely adorable! Either one would fit in wonderfully just sitting next to a potted plant on a coffee table or shelf!

“It’s always ok to buy more plants” Socks


Even if you don’t truly believe this, it’s what every plant lover wants to hear. Do them a favor and set them free from needless guilt! It’s not like they are going to stop buying plants either way.

Plants Get Me Socks

If you don’t feel like encouraging your plant friends to buy a nerve ending stream of new plants, these are a great alternative sock choice!

Mini Plant Pot Hunks

Perfect for that friend that has 31 plants and 0 boyfriends! These will really spice up any garden, and make potted plants 100% more aesthetically appealing ;)

Festive Plant Baubles


Decorate your plants for the holidays! Whether you want to replace your christmas tree with a house plant, or you just want more festive decorations around the house, these baubles are just the thing you need!

Pot Head Mug

We all know plant lovers do a lot of weed(ing). And they’re always looking for more pot(s). This mug is a funny gift for any plant lover!

Fertile Mind Planter

Can you think of a more fertile, rich place to grow a plant than in the minds of great thinkers like Einstein, Shakespeare, or Jane Austen? Well, now you can do just that with these fertile mind planters!

Didn’t see anything that quite hits the mark? Don’t worry, we have even more plant related stuff in our Crazy Plant Lady Collection! Want to see all our weird gifts, gags, games, and more? Check out our entire collection!

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