Mother’s Day 2023 Weird & Funny Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up, and all of us with a Mom are essentially required to get her a little something. That is unless you want to be inundated with passive-aggressive (or just plain-aggressive) comments for the next 365 days. But maybe you’re sick of giving cheesy, boring cards and scarves she’ll wear maybe once. Or maybe you’re mom has a nice sense of humor and likes silly stuff! Either way, we’ve got tons of amazing, funny, weird, and wacky alternative Mother’s Day gift options here at Off the Wagon!

For this year’s Mom’s Day, we’ve put together a little gift-buying guide for you. We figure if you get something from each category, you’ll be set and ready to go for Mother’s Day! The categories are Fun and Silly Cards, Nifty Gifties, and Awesome Mini Stuff (optional).

1. Fun and Silly Cards

At the absolute bare minimum, you need a nice card for Mother’s Day. Here at Off the Wagon, we’ve got all sorts of fun and silly cards. Most of them are blank on the inside, which leaves lots of room for a thoughtful, hand-written note. We recommend writing some poetry. If that's not your strong suit, we give you full permission to copy the Mother’s Day poem we wrote this year:

O, my mother

You’re so other (worldly)

But, like, in a good way

I wish I was as cool as you

Or at least cool enough to wear your shoes

That one shiny pair you have

Thanks for raising me and stuff

I know parts of it were probably rough

We put a few of our favorite Mother’s Day cards below, and you can check out all of them here.

Mom, You’re the Shit Card

Raising Us Has Been A Pure Joy Card


2. Nifty Gifties

The card is kind of like the appetizer, and this is the main course. Get Mom a silly gift that will make her laugh every time she gets to use it! We have all sorts of perfect gift items at Off the Wagon, including socks, plush, mugs, wine glasses, and other random stuff! You can see a couple of our favorite picks for mother’s day below, or browse all of them here.

Soap for mom brain


“I love my asshole kids” socks

Cheaper than therapy wine glass

3. Awesome Mini Stuff (optional)

Almost there! If you feel like your Mom’s Day gift is lacking, or just want to add a little bit more oomph, an extra mini-gift is perfect! These gifts cost even less than a card and can bring your Mother’s Day gift to the next level.

Don’t make mommy be a bitch gum


Best mom ever sticker

If you’re still not satisfied, or just want to see all the Mom’s Day stuff we have to offer, you can browse our Mother’s Day collection here. If you want to see everything we have to offer, including games, gag gifts, weird candy, toys, and more, you can browse our entire catalog here.

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