14 Weird & Funny Christmas Ornaments for 2022

Hello everyone! We've still got Thanksgiving and the rest of November to get through, but soon enough Christmas trees will start popping up in homes everywhere! Regardless of when the tree goes up, everyone wants their tree to be fun and festive for the holiday season, us included! Here at Off The Wagon, we have some of the weirdest and most funny ornaments you’ll find anywhere, perfect for making your tree unique and ridiculous! Or you can give them as gifts that are sure to create fun memories with family and friends! Check these ornaments out:

Hot Dog Ornament

Being an ornament of a hot dog is already weird enough, but once you add in the honestly terrifying smile and googly eyes you’ve got something really special!

Axolotl Ornament

Everyone’s favorite pink salamander can now hang out on your Christmas tree! The charm of Axolotls is how simultaneously weird looking and adorable they are, making for a perfect ornament!

Meditating Mushroom

Sometimes a mushroom just needs to grow some arms and legs so it can meditate better. And honestly? We respect the initiative.

Creepy Horse Head Ornament

A little bit terrifying, but otherwise this ornament is silly and fun! Be warned though, Santa will almost definitely judge you if he sees this on your tree.

Lucky Yodeling Christmas Pickle Ornament

This might be our absolute favorite ornament. It’s a pickle that yodels when you walk by it! And yes, it’s as amazing and potentially annoying as you imagine - making it a perfect gift to put on someone else’s tree!

Festive Booze Balls

Fill these up with your favorite spirits, and then crack them open during the holiday celebrations to raise your Christmas spirit!

Mustache Ornament

A finely groomed mustache is a thing of beauty, and this mustache is pristine. It will make your tree seem sophisticated and fashionable!

Squirrel In Underpants Ornament

Why is the squirrel wearing underpants? Where did it find underpants that fit it so perfectly? We’re not sure. All we really know is this ornament is fantastically silly and we love it.

Santa Possum Ornament

Santa Possum is one of Santa’s many helpers for delivering presents on Christmas eve. Unfortunately if Santa Possum gets spotted by curious kids, it just plays dead instead of turning invisible like normal Santa. It’s caused some issues.

Tardigrade Ornament

We’re sure you already know what a Tardigrade is and we don’t need to explain it in much detail. Because we definitely know what it is too and we’re not just selling it because it looks really weird and we think that’s funny. Glad we’re on the same page.

Santa Monk Ornament

Looking for more of a meditative holiday? Santa monk has you covered. He’s ready to lead you in some Christmas morning meditation!

Enlightened Bigfoot Ornament

Alternatively, you can have Bigfoot lead your meditation! In the past few years Bigfoot has gotten really into yoga and meditation and mindfulness, and he really wants to share his new passion with you this Christmas season.

Blobfish Ornament

Arguably more frightening than the creepy horse head ornament, especially because blobfish are a real thing. At the same time, this is just delightfully weird!

Santaur Ornament

In the parallel fantasy dimension, Santa is actually a centaur. A really buff centaur that gallops shirtless through the lands tossing gifts to all the dwarves and fauns and other fantasy people.

This is most of our ornaments, but we have a few more in our ornaments collection on our website! If you’re looking for Christmas gifts, or just weird stuff in general, you can check out our entire catalogue!

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