Red Letter Days of Kent is Off The Wagon's Adorable Little Sister

Did you know that Off The Wagon has a little sister? If you’ve been to our physical store in the last several years, you’ll be familiar with our other shop Red Letter Days, but we wanted to give the rest of you the inside scoop! Red Letter Days is located right next to Off The Wagon in the beautiful downtown district of Kent Ohio. In fact, the two sister stores are connected inside, so you can walk right from one into the other - pretty nifty, right?

Red Letter Days is a little more shy than her big sister. Off The Wagon is bombastic, ridiculous, and generally very extra. She’s the class clown, the center of attention. Unlike her sister, Red Letter Days would rather spend the day at home - doodling and putting together puzzles. Maybe she’s hanging out with a good friend, maybe she's just spending the day on her own. Either way, she's having a great time.

More concretely, Red Letter Days is full of all sorts of journals, posters, books, pens, puzzles, art supplies, and more! The store is all about cute, cozy little gifts that will make you want to curl up in a warm blanket and drink your favorite hot beverage. Sold already? You can see everything Red Letter Days has to offer here. Or, if you want a more curated view, keep reading! We’ve actually picked out some of our favorite gift ideas (even if they’re just gifts for yourself) from Red Letter Days just for you!

Vintage Posters

We have a bunch of these posters, and they’re all so quaint and cool looking. Plus, these posters are cheap enough that you can use them as fancy wrapping paper too if you’d like! So many possibilities. Some of our favorites in the collection are the Mushroom 2 poster, the Zodiac poster, and the Wildflower poster.



Vintage Poster Hanging Kit

Are you into our vintage posters, but want a more sophisticated look for them? We get that, and so we also carry these poster hanging kits. They’ll fit any of our vintage posters perfectly, and really elevate the way they look when hung up on your wall.

Funny Socks

You might be thinking, “Aren’t funny socks kind of an Off The Wagon thing?” Well, yes, but believe it or not Red Letter Days was into funny socks first - Off The Wagon kinda stole her little sister’s thunder here. But funny socks are amazing no matter who’s idea they are. Some of our favorites right now are the Go Away I’m Introverting Socks, the Proud Plant Mom Socks, and the Pretty Decent Boyfriend Socks.



Vinyl Stickers

Sticker made by the company Big Moods. Versatile, inexpensive, cute, and fun!

More Vinyl Stickers 

Yeah, we know we just said vinyl stickers. But seriously, they’re cool! These ones are by the company Turtle Soup.

Oven Mitts

Did someone say oven mitts? Oh yeah, we did. They’re like funny socks for your hands, and they’re perfect gifts for any kitchen warrior (aka people who like cooking). We like the Man With A Pan oven mitt and the I've Got A Knife oven mitt.

Studio Ghibli Postcards & Sketchbook

Big fan of Studio Ghibli, or know someone else who is? Well we’re fans too, so you can trust us when we say this stuff is really cool.


We could probably write another whole blog post just about the cool different journals we have at Red Letter days. Here is one really cool journal, but you can go check out our whole journal collection for yourself!

Fountain Pens

Whether you’re doing calligraphy or just think fountain pens are really cool (and let’s be honest, they are), we’ve got you covered. Want something more classic? Try this Modern Script fountain pen set. Or maybe something colorful? How about these Color Write Fountain pens?

There really is so much more at Red Letter Days, but we hope you enjoyed this little curated glimpse! If you want to see more, make sure to check out the Red Letter Days website, and if you ever find yourself in Kent, come visit us! You can find Red Letter Days at 144 E Main Street, and Off The Wagon is right next door!

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