Summer Fun in the Summer Sun: Outdoor Toys and Gadgets!

Blue skies, green grass, and warm days in the sun - it’s summertime for sure! Now, you might know Off The Wagon for all the gag gifts and stupid stuff we sell, but we also love spending some time in the sunshine (let’s be honest, who doesn't??). Part of the reason we love the great outdoors is because it’s pretty and nice and stuff like that, but if we’re honest we get really excited about all the cool stuff you can do when you don’t have to worry about breaking furniture and vases and other junk like that. We’re talking about bouncy balls, lawn games, water balloon fights, and playing tag. If you’re anything like us, we’ve got some outdoor toys and gadgets we think you’ll love (because we love them)! Get yourself one of these awesome toys, then get outside and have some summer fun!

Moon Ball

These are the real deal! We have absolutely no idea how the physics work, but these moon balls bounce SO high. Way higher than we expected, up to 100 feet! It makes them really fun to play with by yourself or with friends!

Spin Copter

Looking for more of a nighttime activity? Spin copters might be a great option (and they work great during the day too)! Shoot the up into the air 150 feet and they’ll float and spin back down to you (just like those little helicopter seeds). Plus, spin copters light up with LEDs, so you can have your own personal light show at night.

Giant Bowling Game

Backyard bowling anyone? These huge inflatable bowling pins are a lot harder to miss than normal ones, but the huge bowling ball might be a little more unwieldy than the real thing. You’ll just have to see how you do!

Mozi Rings


Mozi rings are the ultimate fidget toy! Stick your hand into a mozi ring and then roll it up and down your arm. You can pass it from one arm to another, or even to a friend! We have different colors, and even a glow in the dark option. 

Hover Drone

This hover drone is super cool! It can sense when you wave your hand beneath it or next to it, and it will change directions accordingly. Pass it between friends or control it all on your own. Makes for a fun outdoor toy, but it can also be used safely inside!

Faux Bow 4.0 Lizardite

This fun toy lets you shoot foam tipped arrows and look super cool at the same time. See who has the better shot! This bow is super easy to use, and it comes with an attached quiver that can hold 6 arrows. Shoots up to 100 feet away!

Voli Racket Set


This set comes with two paddles that slip right onto your hand, as well as a flyer to hit back and forth. Have some casual fun or see how long you can go without dropping the flyer!

Want some more fun in the sun? We have an entire outdoor fun collection for you to peruse. Or if you can see our entire catalogue to see all our stupid stuff, gags, fun games, weird candy, and more!

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