These Funny Father’s Day Gifts Will Make the Occasion Fun and Memorable

Dad’s rock - they’re smart (most of the time), funny (kinda?), and they always have good advice (or at least advice). And whether your dad is basically Superman or just a balding guy with a beer belly, he’s still your dad! He made you, he probably likes to talk about that fact to make you uncomfortable, and he loves you! Father’s Day is coming up, and if you wanna show your dad you appreciate him, dumb jokes and all, then you should get him a gift that will brighten his day! We’re probably a little biased, but here at Off the Wagon, we think that a good laugh or snicker is one of the best gifts you could give your dad! “But how do you gift a laugh,” you ask? Good question! We don’t sell canned laughter, but our collection of dumb, silly gifts are pretty much the next best thing. With Father’s Day coming up, we picked out a handful of things we think dads will especially enjoy. Check them out:

Here Comes Cool Dad Men's Socks

Is your dad the coolest? Does he just exude swagger? Is he hip and with the times? Let’s be honest - probably not. He is a dad after all. But that also means he probably THINKS he’s super cool, and these socks would be a huge boost to his ego!

Ain't No Bad Joke Like A Dad Joke Men's Socks

You this Father’s Day: “Hey Dad, I’m really thankful for everything you’ve done for me.” Dad: “Hey Really Thankful For Everything You've Done For Me, I’d Dad.” There must be something magical about becoming a dad that gives you the ability to make literally the dumbest jokes ever. These socks are for those dads.

Shower Beer Holder

What’s better than a nice cold beer after work? A nice cold beer in the shower where you’re kids can’t bother you. Or maybe a couple cold beers. And sure, you don’t NEED a beer holder to drink in the shower, but it sure makes things easier.

Uh Oh... Emergency Underpants

No dad is complete without thinking farts are way funnier than they really are, so they’ll think these emergency underpants are absolutely hilarious. Careful though, your dad might decide to re-gift these the next time you let a wicked one rip.

What I really Need are Minions Mug

Kids are great when they do what they’re told. Unfortunately, that never seems to happen as often as dads would like. A couple of good minions would definitely be a big help.

Man with a Pan Oven Mitt

Is your dad a rad, mad cooking machine? Does he make all the meals for the family? If so, this oven mitt is the perfect accessory for all his culinary adventures.


If you’d rather just give your dad a nice card for Father's Day, or you want something to go with your gift. Luckily for you, we have all sorts of high-quality Father’s Day cards. We’ve put a few just below, but be sure to check all of them out on our website!
Didn’t find what you were looking for, or want to get another gift for Father’s day? Check out our entire Father’s Day collection to see all our dad-appropriate gifts, or browse our entire catalog for all sorts of wackiness!

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