Top 10 Weirdest Gifts of 2019

If you are looking to get weird gifts for your friends and family in 2019, you’ve come to the right place.  Here at Off The Wagon, we specialize in weird, and we’ve picked out the 10 weirdest gifts of 2019! In no particular order, here they are:

1. Uranus Soap

Uranus can get pretty nasty if you don’t wash it.  Luckily, with this novelty bar of soap, you can get Uranus squeaky clean in no time!  Before you know it, everyone is going to want to catch a glimpse of Uranus - through a telescope of course.

2. Bigfoot Finger Feet

Take your fingers where no fingers have walked before - even Bigfoot’s fingers!  You may have seen our regular finger feet before - but these Bigfoot finger feet take the weird and funny to a whole new level!  Leave behind mini bigfoot tracks and lead bad reality TV crews on a wild goose chase! Or just make a bold fashion statement! With these Bigfoot finger feet, there are near endless possibilities.

3. It's OK to Fart Socks

It's ok to fart - don’t let anyone tell you differently.  In a meeting? It’s ok to fart. On an airplane? Ok to fart.  In a friend’s brand new car? Yup - go ahead and fart. You might lose a friend but you’ve gained your freedom!

See more of our funny socks on our website!

4. Fried Chicken Candy

Whoever said fried chicken isn’t a dessert food is dead wrong.  Some evil genius has packed all the wonders of fried chicken into a little piece of hard candy. Experts predict fried chicken candy will be the most profitable industry in the US by 2039, but you can get it while it's still underground and impress all your friends. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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5. Underpants for Squirrels

Recently in the animal kingdom, there has been a big movement for squirrel’s rights.  A hot topic in this debate has been clothing! While pets like dogs and cats get all sorts of ridiculous Halloween costumes, sweaters, and more, squirrels get nothing!  “We deserve at least some underpants!” they cried, and their cries were answered. Fight for squirrel’s right by getting a pair of these squirrel underpants for your local backyard squirrel.  They will appreciate your support!

6. My Cat Says You're Dumb Socks

Your cat doesn't have a voice of its own, so it’s your responsibility to tell other people what it thinks about them.  Especially if it thinks they’re dumb.

We have way more socks, too!

7. Cat Butt Gum

Tastes just like a freshly licked cat butt! (But actually just tastes like peppermint).  This funny package of gum will have people laughing whether they love cats or hate them! There is something about little cat sphincters that brings a smile even in the gloomiest of times.  

8. Tin Foil Hat

Pssst.  Hey! Be careful what you think, they can hear you!  The government can hear your thoughts.  So can the aliens. I think bigfoot just got his mind-reading gear set up too.  And that’s not even mentioning the thoughts they put in your head. Like for example, any thought saying you shouldn’t but this tin foil hat - because they know that will stop their plans!  Protect your noggin - get a tin foil hat.

9. Total Eclipse of the Fart Lavatory Mist

“Turnaround, Every now and then I get a little... gassy.  And I need this mist now... tonight. And I need it more than ever.  Once upon a time, I was farting a lot, but now I'm only farting a bit.  Nothing I can say, a total eclipse of the Fart.” - Bonnie Tyler 

Don’t let your farts and poop stink up the bathroom.  Totally eclipse the fart with this lavatory mist.

10. Nose Flute

This revolutionary technology transforms your nose-air into beautiful music! Just blow with your nose and change the sound with your mouth - anyone can do it!  Get one for the whole family and make some nose flute covers! Start a family band!

Want even more weird, stupid stuff?  Well, we have a whole collection of it on our website!  Also, to be honest, most of the stuff on our website is weird and stupid.  We’re really proud of it! Take a look!

top 10 weird gifts 2019

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