Top 20 Funny & Ridiculous Christmas Gifts for 2020

Let’s be honest: 2020 has left pretty much all of us beat up and worse for wear. It’s been a tough year, but we’ve got some good news: Christmas is coming! Every day it gets a little closer, and before you know it trees will be going up and gifts will be exchanged! But before anyone opens presents, you’ve got to choose exactly what you’re going to get everyone. Well, we have some thoughts about that.

The holidays are a time of traditions: Christmas music, eggnog, and lying to kids about a creepy old man that sneaks into our houses to eat our cookies. But the holidays are also a time of fun and good spirits, so sometimes there is nothing better than getting your loved ones the wackiest, weirdest, and funniest gifts you can find! Now, you might think we’re biased (we are), but just try it for yourself! When your Christmas morning is filled with belly laughs and smiles, you’ll know we’re right! Anyways, we’ve picked out 20 of our absolute favorite supid, ridiculous, and funny Christmas gifts for 2020. Check them out!

Ketchup Candy Canes - Mac and Cheese Candy Canes


“Candy canes, what a boring and normal way to start this list!”  Yeah, well they would be boring if they were peppermint flavored, but they’re NOT.  Instead, they taste like KETCHUP or MAC & CHEESE! Peppermint is pretty hit or miss, but who doesn’t like ketchup or mac & cheese?  Only vegans and weirdos, that's who (please disregard if you don’t like pizza or mac & cheese).

Shiitake Mushroom Candy Canes

Ok so while ketchup and mac & cheese are pretty universally liked, this candy cane flavor might be a little more controversial. Still, we all know that one person who just LOVES mushrooms (and maybe you’re that person), so these candy canes can still make someone's day.

Festive Boozeballs

Yeah, other Christmas ornaments are cool, but these ones are filled with BOOZE (and you can’t really beat that). Each boozeball unscrews at the top so you can fill it up (or empty into you mouth) with a mini-mixer!

Uh Oh Emergency Underpants

These emergency underpants can make a pretty goofy gift, but they’re also great to have around on Christmas morning - everyone will be laughing so hard at your gifts and someone may very well pee themselves! Best be prepared.

Disappointed Sigh

Give this handy gadget to your perpetually disappointed mom to save her some breath! You might even expand her repertoire of sighs!

Uranus Soap

Soap made especially for Uranus (heh). 

F-ck Yeah Decision Dice

“F-ck ______” Can’t decide how to finish that statement? Just roll to figure out! 

Coronavirus 7" Plush

The only scenario where you’d WANT to give someone the Coronavirus. Toss it back and forth and see who is the best at chatting COVID-19!

Fried Chicken Candy

Finally, a creative alternative to boring chocolates and sweets! Just pop one of these in your mouth and taste that savory, chickeny goodness! We also have tons of other weird, wacky candies if that peaks your interest.

Shower Beer Holder

Over are the days of dropping your shower beer because it's too slippery. Over are the days of precariously balancing your beer on the ledge meant to hold soap and stuff. Talk about innovative technology. 

Panic Pete

Panic pete is ready to help you out when you're in a panic (he’s also ready to star in his own horror movie). As long as this guy doesn't creep you out too much, Panic Pete is a perfect stress toy.

Human Organ Lunchbox

Fair warning, this lunch box isn't actually designed to hold human organs. However, it works as a really good red herring to keep people from looking your ACTUAL organ stash.

Everything Will Be F-cking Ok Mug

Encouraging, cute, and refreshingly vulgar.

TikTok Meme Game

What Do You Meme? is a fantastic party game, and now there is a version just for TikTok memes! 

Giant Human Ears

Much cheaper than hearing aids, and much more stylish. 

Butts in Space Game

Our premiere game about Cosmic Butts! This game has revolutionized the butt themed card game industry. The New Butt Times called it “The greatest butt-vention since toilet paper.” If you are at all interested in butt culture, you should check it out.

Emergency Goat

Goats are heavy, and while you can get them to make noises by squeezing them, you can’t really control what kind of sound they make. This nifty tool solves both of those problems!

Stress Pickle

Because stress balls are boring.

Beard Ornaments

Do you love decorating for Christmas? Is your tree already up? Are you rapidly running out of things to decorate? Well now you can decorate your beard too! If you don’t have a beard, just use someone else's (but maybe ask first).

Are you hooked?  If you don’t want to miss out on any of the weird stuff we have, or if you’re still looking for the perfect gift, we have much more on our website!  You can search for gifts for Mom, Dad, boyfriend, girlfriendcollege students, old folks, and many more! We also have categories like ornaments, gag gifts, and bacon! Take a look!

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