Top 28 Weirdest Christmas Gift Ideas to Make for an Absurdly Fun Holiday in 2019

Christmas is coming; it's getting closer every day!  Before you know it, lights and trees will be going up, and you will have to figure out what to put underneath them!  The holidays are a time of traditions: Christmas music, eggnog, and lying to children about the existence of a big bearded man in red pajamas that somehow knows everything they do and determines if it is naughty or nice.  But the holidays are also a time of fun and good spirits, and sometimes there is nothing better than getting your loved ones the wackiest, weirdest, and funniest gifts you can find! Here at Off The Wagon, traditional gifts aren’t quite our style, but we have oodles and oodles of gifts that will fill the season with laughter and fun!  Just for you, we’ve picked out some of the weirdest, silliest, and most fun gifts we have to offer and put them in this list! Let's take a look. 

Mac & Cheese and Pizza Flavored Candy Canes


“Candy canes, what a boring and normal way to start this list!”  Yeah, well they would be boring if they were peppermint flavored, but they’re NOT.  Instead, they taste like PIZZA or MAC & CHEESE! Peppermint is pretty hit or miss, but who doesn’t like pizza or mac & cheese?  Only vegans and weirdos, that's who (please disregard if you don’t like pizza or mac & cheese).

Squirrel Underpants - Air Fresheners, Ornaments, and Literal Underpants For Squirrels


These past few years have seen a lot of changes in the world of squirrel fashion, but our experts promised us that underpants are going to be the new absolutely nothing by the time Christmas comes around.  If our experts are right, these squirrel underpants are the perfect gift for the fashion-savvy! If dealing with an actual squirrel seems like too much, consider an air freshener or ornament as an alternative! 

Tin Foil Hats - for Both Humans and Cats


Yeah, that section header rhymes.  What do you think about that? I bet the government knows what you think.  And maybe the aliens too! Anyone with access to mind-reading devices, really.  Luckily the solution is simple - tin foil hats. Blocks all those mind-reading waves from reaching your brain, or your cat’s brain (cat thoughts matter too, you know).  Even if you’re not so worried about mind-reading, these gifts are perfect for your favorite conspiracy theorist! We all have at least one in our lives.

Farts!  “It’s Ok to Fart” Socks, Fart Whistle, Fart Bomb


Over the holidays, families and friends gather together.  With so many people in one place, someone is bound to let one rip!  Luckily, we think that's hilarious, and that farts should be embraced as a part of the Christmas season!  These fart socks, fart whistle, and fart bomb are perfect holiday gifts for anyone who agrees with us!

Cat Butts:  Cat Butt Gum, “My Gift to You Mug”Cat Butts Coin Purse


Yes, we do have multiple cat butt products, and they’re all awesome.  These cat butts are super funny and perfect for anyone - whether they love cats or think they are annoying as ever!

Weird Candy:  Pickle Flavored Mints, Fried Chicken Candy

We have a whole collection of ridiculous and weird candy on our website - all of which would make a great gift or stocking stuffer!  Some of our favorites are the pickle flavored mints and fried chicken candy!

Funny Socks:  “I’m a Nerd Not the Cool Kind”, “My Cat Says You’re Dumb”“One More Episode”


Generally, when someone opens a gift and finds socks, they are pretty disappointed.  And reasonably so, normal socks are boring! But our socks are far from normal, they’re funny and spunky and perfect for showing off personality!  We’ve got socks for uncool nerds, cat lovers, Netflix bingers, and so, so many more! Make socks the best gift at Christmas, not the worst!

Bigfoot Stuff:  Bigfoot Finger Foot, Bigfoot Scarf, Bigfoot Air Freshener


Bigfoot loves the holidays!  Everyone is so focused on celebrating that they don’t have time to come looking for him in the woods, and he loves being left alone.  Bigfoot would want you to enjoy the holidays as much as him, and with all this bigfoot gear you can!

Hilarious Oven Mitts - “I’ve Got a Knife”, “Most Likely to Microwave”


For many, Christmas time means a lot of cooking and baking.  These funny oven mitts are the perfect gifts for whoever makes the Christmas cookies in your family!  They’re sure to add humor and life to the kitchen!

Finger Swag:  Finger Hands, Finger Eyes, Finger Foot, Finger Lobster Claw, Finger Cat Paw


What’s the point of finger swag, you ask?  Well, there is none, if you’re lame. But if you’re awesome, then the point is being awesome.  With so many options for finger swag, you can get everyone in the family something different! Start a whole ecosystem of finger things on this upcoming Christmas morning!

Are you hooked?  If you don’t want to miss out on any of the weird stuff we have, or if you’re still looking for the perfect gift, we have much more on our website!  You can search for gifts for Mom, Dad, boyfriend, girlfriendcollege students, old folks, and many more! We also have categories like ornaments, gag gifts, and bacon! Take a look!


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