Weird, Crazy and Funny Flavored Candy!

Who doesn’t love candy?  Literally, the whole point of (most) candy is to be delicious, and it's hard to argue with that logic.  The only problem with candy is all the flavors are so played out at this point. Chocolate and sugary fruit flavors are good, but after a while, you start to want something a little different.  Luckily for you, the Off The Wagon staff are all certified experts on different (although maybe weird is a better word for it). We actually have a whole collection of crazy candies that taste great and go way beyond your everyday chocolate bar, and on top of that, we’ve picked out some of our favorites just for you!

Fried Chicken Candy


If you want something a little bit heartier in your candy, try fried chicken flavor!  All the savory goodness of the real thing in a sweeter, easier to eat, and way weirder form.

Lobster Candy


If fried chicken sound novel but is to low class for you, try some lobster flavored candy instead!  Gourmet on the go.

Mac and Cheese Candy


Mac & cheese + candy = the epitome of childhood cuisine.  Seriously though, do you know any kids who don’t love both these things?  Imagine how much they’ll love them together!

Pickle Candy


We wouldn’t recommend putting these on a burger, but if your the kind who snacks on pickles straight out of the jar, then these pickle candies are for you.

Bacon Candy


Have you ever had those mornings where you thought, “Man, I wish I could eat some bacon, but I just don’t have time.”  Well, problem solved. Plus, its candy!

Larvets BBQ FlavorLarvets Cheddar Cheese Flavor


Yes, they are literal lava.  No, we’re not kidding. Are they actually good?  We think it's best to let you discover yourself. They come in two different flavors so choose wisely!

Crickets Bacon & Cheese Flavor, Crickets Sour Cream & Onion Flavor


If the larva flavors don’t sound appealing, then we have some crickets (yes, also real) with different flavors you can try!  They are nice and crunchy too.

Ant-Lix Sucker


If eating insects straight is a little too much for you, try easing into it with an ant sucker!  Packs a lot more protein than an ordinary sucker. (Yes, real ants).

Scorpion Sucker, Cricket Sucker, Tequila Worm


I think you're getting the trend by now.  Real bugs, different flavors lollipop. Maybe it's tasty, maybe it's gross, but it’s definitely creepy and super weird.

Krispy Kreme Jelly Bellies


“Ok, what's the catch, are there bugs involved?”  No catch, just delicious jelly beans flavored like glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  Not as weird as some of our other options, but really, really tasty!



Oh, you thought we were done with bugs?  Not quite. As an alternative to the other bug candies, these earthworms are encased in sour, crunchy candy!  And yes, they are in fact real.

Fart Candy


It looks like ordinary, boring candy.  Tastes like ordinary, boring (but still tasty) candy.  But it makes you fart. More ideally, it makes your friends fart when you offer them the candy!  They’ll think your so nice till the gas hits them!

Check out our weird candy collection for even more candies, or our website for non-candy gifts!

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