What's on Sale at Off The Wagon? 13 Weird & Funny options

What’s better than weird and funny gags & gifts from us here at Off the Wagon? How about weird and funny gags & gifts that are ON SALE?! Who doesn’t like spending less money to get awesome stuff? We’ve got a whole bunch of stuff on sale right now, so you’re bound to find at least a handful of things you love. You can check out our entire collection of on sale items here, or keep scrolling to see 13 of our favorite items on sale right now!

Horny for Food Oven Mitt

It’s more than just being hungry, it’s about really really liking food. Like a lot. Like, you’d probably be uncomfortable if I went into detail about how much I like food.

Fuck Putin Socks

The war in Ukraine might be less of a headline now, but Putin still sucks. Get these socks to give him a “fuck you!”

Wake Me When The Boring Stops Socks

The perfect socks for stupid meetings. Or math class. Or mandatory training videos. They’re honestly really versatile socks if you think about it.

Rubber Chicken Finger Puppet

This little rubber chicken is ready to be the star of your next finger puppet musical. He’s been training his squawking voice!

Plastic Poppers Fidget Toy

An iconic fidget toy. It’s incredibly satisfying to play with, and we love the rainbow color.

Brixies Postcard

Send a postcard to a friend, and they can build a little decoration to remember your well wishing! Plus, there are lots of different options to choose from.

Handages Bandages

Now you can imagine someone giving you an affectionate pat whenever you see your bandage. It’s healing for your soul and body.

Squishables Boozy Large Plush

Mega sized plush in the shape of wine, margaritas, and bloody marys. Perfect for your at home bar area or your bed!

Fun & Inspiring Toothbrush

Turn brushing your teeth into a fount of inspiration and joy! Take care of your teeth and your motivation to kick ass today.

This Shit is Bananas

Or, more specifically, it was bananas. We wish it still smelled like bananas, but at least we can cover it up with this lavatory mist.

Most Likely to Microwave Oven Mitt

The perfect oven mitt for taking a hot plate out of the microwave. It’s not an oven, but plates can get pretty hot in there regardless!

Grow a Unicorn

Buying a full grown unicorn is already expensive, and the prices are going up every day. Luckily for you, you can grow your own unicorn for a super reasonable (and on sale) price.

Bacon Gift Wrap

Food wrapped in bacon is pretty killer, but what about wrapping presents in bacon? Probably not very cost effective, but using this bacon gift wrap is almost as good for a fraction of the cost!

If you’re not quite satisfied or want to see even more sale items, you can check out our on sale collection here. If you want to see all our weird and funny games, gags, gifts, and candy you can check out our entire catalog here.

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