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GM XL Heart with mini Blood Cells

My Little Putin
Charles M.
Shipped fast, well packed!

Everything arrived as described and quickly. The package has a lot of detail put in for the jokes, and will be a great white elephant present or gag gift for any political or foreign affairs junky.


Since our family wasn't able to get together for Christmas, we decided to do a Christmas in July and "exchange" gifts that brought a smile to our faces. This one brought fond memories. It was cute and the receiver enjoyed it immensely.

Bendy Bigfoot
Maria M.
Not so bendy/posable

We love these big foots! Except we were using them for some stop motion videos and so the bendy/posable feature was the main attraction to them and unfortunately they are not very bendy or posable. We will be using them just as decoration now.

Cluster F

Love them! Fast shipping! As pictured!

Surprise gift

A friend sent this to me in the mail! I laughed my head off! What a cool gift!


These are the weirdest candies I have ever had but taste like the real thing

Quality and speed

I was so excited to find a puzzle with the artwork of one of my favorite artists. I could not believe how quickly the puzzle shipped! It came in two days. The puzzle itself is high quality with vibrant color. I’m so happy with my purchase.

So happy to find these little birds!!!

Years ago, I bought a couple of these little birds at a gift shop. You touch the bottom of it and it makes the sweetest little chirping sound. I originally bought them for my daughters, who were toddlers at the time. My daughters loved to play with them, but at some point they seemed to lose interest. So, I put them at my desk and whenever I needed a little cheering up, I would pick one up and listen to it sing.

The battery finally went out and I could not figure out how to replace it. Fortunately, I was able to find the birds on this site! They really are darling and so worth the price.

Looks great and it’s fun to have.

As a fan of dragon ball z the candy is cool to have, but tastes good as well.


I purchased this for my hubs' Father's Day, along with Soap for Uranus, the 5 pack of Emergency Underwear (there's a story there), and some other fun items. He LOVED everything! But, the Star Wars Little Golden Book was his obvious favorite. The mash-up of two really great childhood loves is perfection. Even though hubs is mainly a Star Wars 'purist' - "I only like the 70's action figures", right? - he was really excited about this. Despite being modern, this should be included with every Star Wars collection.

The quality of the book is fantastic. It has the same kind thick cover material the Little Golden Books have always had, along with the decorative gold binding, but these have -instead of fancy scrollwork along the edge -Star Wars images. Inside, all of the pages are richly colored with character images and backgrounds.

I think inspirational books are cheesy BUT this one is the exception. The quotes, with each different Star Wars character are so well matched, and actually do make you feel pretty good. I highly recommend that everyone buy this book.

tabasco beans

Very cute product

Dill Pickle Mints
Michael L.
These are great!

I love these, they unironically actually taste good, and its so fun to see the terrified look on peoples faces as you plop a Pickle Mint into your mouth, or theirs. This item is a lot of fun.

Did not receive it

I still have not receive it.

Gag gifts galore!

Lots of items to brighten up someone’s day!

Cute pickle

Gave to a friend as inside joke so I haven't smelled it but I'll ask her

Cute and fun gift!

The colors are great and socks are good quality -

Exactly what I wanted and fast service

I was late in deciding I wanted the special cover for this book, so I had to hunt for it. Off the Wagon came up in my search and I really liked their website after checking them out, so I ordered. I received it within the week in perfect condition. If they have something I want, I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Husband LOLd

They were for his birthday, he seen them and started laughing then Snapchat them his gamer buds

Calico Game
Syed F.R.

Calico Game

Disappointed Sigh
Cameron C.D.
It's Cute

The "Disappointed Sigh" is really cute. The sound effects are really good and quite different from each other. I'm really glad I purchased it.

AWESOME STUFF you can't find anywhere else !!

There's no place else on the wonderful interweb :) where you can buy these awesome products and at great prices. Highly recommend!

So cute!

It is so cute, but it is kinda small and plastic. My Grandbabies love it!

Wonderful gift

I purchased this as a Mother's Day gift and it got a great laugh out of her!

Super socks

My awesome wife loves them.