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GM Zombie Virus


Zombie Virus (Pithovirus sibericum) Plush.

Remote control zombie


 Here it comes... zombie on the loose!  Run and hide! This remote control zombie moves forward and groans when you activate him with the brain shaped remote control.  Articulated at the neck, shoulders and hips. Requires three AAA batteries (not included).

Zombie Dice Game

$13.99 $105.04

You're a zombie that wants brains... lots of brains.  Try to get more brains than your zombie buddies.  Watch out for the shotgun blast! 2-99 players 10 minutes play time Ages 8 and up

More Zombie Gifts!

I can never say enough about Zombies.  Even though it is a favorite among our customers, we assure a safe shopping experience , and free from flesh eating conundrums.  (At least online.)   Here are some of our favorite Zombie gift items...     1.  Abraham Lincoln Zombie Oil Paining! ...

Zombie Gifts

  I'm not sure why it is that we are obsessed with zombies. Yes, they are kinda creepy, but seldom are they truly scary. There may be those that take exception to that, but it seems to me they are always a little hokey in the movies. I think it...

Zombie Fluxx Game USA


 A new and frightening twist on the award winning game of Fluxx.  Fluxx is the game of ever changing rules, goals and actions.  Zombie fluxx adds in new Creeper cards, creepy looking zombies with weird abilities at times, that prevent you from winning.  The good news is the keepers also...

Zombie Magnetic Poetry USA


Usually Zombies have very few words.  This little gift set includes over 200 words and word endings that will help them make... poetry.   Includes lots of words that zombies will best relate too, like brains, undead, insatiable, eat, chew, feast, eat, brains... you get the idea.

Instant Zombie Repellent Breath Spray


Instantly repel zombies with this amazing spray.   One quick dose takes a bite out of your day. Bunker and Ammo sold separately. .25 fl ounces

Finger Zombies Puppets


Adorably sickly zombie finger puppets.   Price includes just ONE Zombie finger puppet.  For a set of five, select quantity 5.   Soft, floppy rubber.. 1-3/4" tall.

Munchkin Zombies Games


You are a zombie, eating brains and trying to level up.  Watch out for monsters and hazardous humans.  Munchikin's newest, silliest game.  168 cards, rules, and die Best with 4 players Recommended with 3, 4, 5, 6 players  Ages 10 and up.  About 90 minutes play time.