10 Funny & Weird Grad Gifts for 2022!

Congratulations grads! Or wait, if you’re shopping for grad gifts, you’re probably not the one graduating. Congrats for knowing someone who is graduating, that’s pretty cool too. Tell them we think they’re awesome (or don’t if you think that would be weird). Whether it's high school or college, graduation is a big deal! It’s a huge achievement and it marks a big change in people’s life as they either go off to college or go get a job or begin their journey as an inter-dimensional space explorer (mostly the first two). Your grad is awesome, and they deserve all the love and encouragement you can give them. We’ve got a few ideas of weird and funny gifts and cards that we think will put a big smile on their face. Check these gifts out!

(Fake) Million Dollar Bill

College grads will be thrilled to pay off all their student debt, and high school grads will be thrilled to not get a bunch of student debt (or just buy a cool car or something)! It’s really too bad you can’t buy a real million dollar bill for this much.

Champagne Jelly Beans

Popping real champagne is all fine and good (in fact, we recommend it), but this is a little bit of celebration they can fit in their pocket and enjoy all week long (or all day long depending on their self control).

Who’s Awesome? You’re Awesome Gum

Tell your grad they’re awesome. Also, this little dog is so cute and amazing and there is no way they won’t like it.

Smart Ass Grad Card

Get it? Cuz ass means donkey? But it also means, like, butts hehe. We’re sure your grad is super smart, ass included.

Filthy Rich Napkins

Now that they’re graduated, it's only a matter of time till your grad is filthy rich. However, for now using real $100 bills as napkins is probably a little out of their budgets. These are a great solution (just for now).

Emotional Support Chicken

Whatever your grad is off to next, they’re about to go through a lot of change. This chicken is, in our opinion, the perfect way to provide some emotional support through that time!

Bitches Get Stuff Done Coin Purse

What else is there to say? Bitches get stuff done. And they need coin purses too, ya know?

Soap for Being Awesome

Wash away all those nasty memories of doing homework or cramming for finals, and make room for what’s next! A fun gift they’ll definitely use!

7 Year Pen

These pens will last for 7 years! That's a long time. And even then, you can add more ink to keep the pen’s life going. The key is just not losing it. Anyways, it makes a great keepsake for a grad gift!

Coronavirus Covid-19 Plush


You’re grad did at least part of their school during Covid, and so they’ve had a totally unique and weird education experience. This little plush is a great way to help them commemorate and remember that experience.

Looking for even more grad gift options? Check out our entire graduation collection, or browse our entire catalog of weird and wacky stuff!

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