10 Hilarious Wacky Gums to Keep You Laughing Throughout Your Day!

Gum is the ultimate non-essential essential! It’s the perfect non-digestible adult treat. Gum doesn’t just taste good, though; it keeps your mouth smelling (and feeling) fresh. Plus, it provides a calorie free (and therefore guilt free) midday pick-me-up. Here at Off the Wagon, we appreciate gum just as much as your average very-serious, very-adult adult. There’s nothing like popping a fresh piece in your mouth and chewing it until it becomes soggy and flavorless. And, we’re sure our customers appreciate our sweet smelling breath! We just like our gum a little… spicy. And by spicy, we mean sarcastic, sassy, and hilarious! Check out our ten favorite funny gums that will keep you smiling throughout your day; they’re so awesome, you’ll never want to give any away!   

Cat Butt Gum

Get it, because cat butts are funny?

Get Along With Your Co-workers Gum

Who doesn’t need this gum? Chewing this fruit flavored gum is such a better alternative then stapling your co-worker in the head, we swear. Just chew this, and all your workplace woes will start to melt away. 

Instant Irish Accent Gum

If you don’t believe this gum works, you need to watch the Youtube video we made all about it. The results are stupendous, we promise! Give this gum to your dad and he will instantly begin speaking in an Irish accent and never shut up! Although, we’re pretty sure the whole not shutting up part is not a side effect of the gum… the jury’s still out on that one!

I have PMS & GPS Gum

This gum isn’t only hilarious, it’s useful. Next time someone starts chatting you up in line or looking at you “that” way, just pull out this gum and give them a pointed look. It’ll stop them in their tracks, we swear.  

Bitch Be Cool Gum

Who doesn’t love a visual pun? This hilarious gum is the perfect gift for your friend who needs to tone it down about five notches. If you two chew this together while loafing around your local park and wearing sunglasses, you’ll be golden. But not a goldendoodle. Cause that would be weird and definitely not cool.  

Ha Ha Ha Whoops I Peed Gum

It happens to the best of us! And by best, we mean women. Just kidding, men, we love you too. We highly recommend getting this funny gum and not showing it to any of your gal pals unless they’ve brought a change of pants. 

 Certified Pain In The Ass Gum

If you’re a certified pain in the ass, you should really be prepared to show off your certification at any moment. Next time someone’s about to tell you off, just whip out this gum and wink. They’ll stop for about five seconds and then just explode. And we mean literally explode. That’s the power of a certificate in pain-in-the-ass!

Instantly Talk With Your Cat Gum

It’s what you’ve always wanted. Just chew one piece of this gum and your whole world, your whole outlook on life, and your whole chemical make-up will change. The things science can do these days are just really amazing.  

Overthinkers Gum

The perfect thing to chew mindlessly while you are zoning out! And when we say zoning out, we mean staring uncomfortably long and hard at a complete stranger while you run through at least seven scenarios of how your first conversation with your cat will go once you chew your first piece of “Instantly Talk With Your Cat Gum,” all in your head of course. If you overthink everything, let us reassure you: this is the gum for you. No, really. YES, we mean it. 100%

Hit “Reply All” One More Time Gum

We don’t ALL need to know that you think that’s awesome, ok? Please, please, please click “reply” just one time! If you work with that one person who refuses to follow the rules of email etiquette, this is the gum for you. Just chew this aggressively next time you get that tragic email notification! 

Add some delectable sarcasm to your life with one of these unique gum packs! They’ll put a pep in your step, a delectable flavor in your mouth, and a smile on your face. If you thought this gum was funny, you should check out our whole collection of weird, wacky candy! Looking for even more hilarious gifts and toys? Check our our whole collection!

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