10 Purrrrr-fect Gifts for the Crazy Cat Person In Your Life

 Chances are, you know someone who loves cats - like really loves cats. This person probably owns many, many cats, and they also own many, many cat related knick-knacks. But, just like you can never have too many cats, you can never have too many hilarious, cute, and just generally fur-bulous cat-related things. In our eyes, the ideal home would consist of cat-themed everything - a stove shaped like a cat’s face, a bed shaped like a cat’s tummy, and something would definitely have to be shaped like a cat’s butt. We don’t sell appliances at Off the Wagon (maybe we’ll get to make cat shaped everything one day), but we do sell all sorts of claw-some cat stuff. Not cat toys, though, cause we all know cats despise that stuff. Check out our ten fur-vorite gifts for the crazy cat person in your life (and yeah, we know that person's probably you).

Cat Butt Gum

You can’t go wrong with this gum. If your friend (or their kitty) has some strong cattitude, this is the perfect gift for them. They’ll love the peppermint flavor and the cat’s butt proudly displayed on the gum. It’s just overall pawsome. 
How to Talk to Your Cat Book

Chances are, if your friend is raising a lot of cats, they’ll have to have a lot of hard conversations with their pets. This book is full of helpful advice on how to navigate tricky topics like abstinence, the dangers of the internet, and drugs. Your friend is sure to appreciate this very thoughtful and helpful gift - and so will their cats, one day.  

Glow in the Dark Cats

These adorable feline friends aren’t just cute - they glow in the dark too! Your cat may be able to see in the dark, but we humans still can’t. These glow-in-the-dark kitties are the purrrfect miniature flashlight to use when you want to try and impress your cat at night. Just use these to light the way as you walk around the house, then hide them in your pocket when your cat looks over at you. They probably won’t fall for it, but you can always try!

Tin Foil Hat for Cats

You don’t want any of those dangerous electromagnetical rays mind-controlling you or your cats, now do you? These tin foil hats are essential! Some people think it's radi-claw to get your cat a tinfoil hat, but we think you can agree it’s just the safest thing to do these days!

Cat Butt Coloring Book

All of the cat butts you could want in one place. If you or your friend loves cats no matter what, this hilarious coloring book is for them. 


Finger Cat Paws

Any cat lover knows there’s nothing cuter than a kitten’s tiny paws. That’s why we think these cat paws for humans to wear are the perfect accessory on a first date. If your date’s not impressed but your cute fingers, you know they can’t be the one. On the other hand (see what we did there), if they just can’t get over them, you can know that this relationship is worth pursuing!

Look After Yourself Magnet

This quirky magnet is a great reminder to practice self-care, just like your cats do everyday. Whether that means licking yourself or playing with a paper bag, if it makes you feel good, we fully support you.

“The hell you looking at?” Cat Mug

This mug pretty much encapsulates what it means to be a cat. You’re adorable but that doesn’t mean you’re not fierce. You gotta admire the way cats are strong, independent felines who won’t take no for an answer. 
Cat Tail Gel Pens

These adorable cat tail pens are almost as cute as real cats! We love to use these pens to write about all the relationship trauma with our cat - one day, she loves me and won’t stop sitting on my keyboard, the next day she won’t even come close to us. Don’t tell her we told you though, ok?

My Cat Says You’re Dumb Women’s Socks / Crazy Cat Dude Men’s Socks

Carry your cat with you everywhere (in spirit) with these fun cat-themed socks. If the cat hair wasn’t enough, you’ve got to show off the fact that you love your cat above all others. These socks fit the bill, perfectly!

We bet your friend will love one of these gifts just as much as their cat loves laying in the sun. If fur some reason, you didn’t see the purrrr-fect gift in this blog post, you can check out our entire crazy cat person collection! Still looking for a hiss-terical gift? Check out our entire catalogue.

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