11 Really Dumb But Hillarious Rubber Chicken Gifts

Rubber chickens are so incredibly dumb. They make no sense whatsoever, and that’s why we love them! Why are they so funny? We really don’t know, we just know they make us laugh. They’re ridiculous! We’re starting to talk in circles, but here is the pint: if you want to fill a friend or loved one’s life with the simple joy of really stupid and silly humor, rubber chickens are the way to go! With that in mind, we’ve picked out 11 of our favorite rubber chicken items (because believe it or not we have an entire collection of this stuff) for you to check out!

Emotional Support Rubber Chicken

Most emotional support animals are expensive. You have to train them and feed them and take care of them. Not the emotional support chicken! All you have to do is strap on his cute little vest and take him with you! Give him a squeeze and he’ll give you a squawk of emotional support!

Chicken Flingers

Take down your foes with high speed rubber chickens! Or just have a chicken flinger fight in the living room. Either way, these are possibly the silliest munitions ever created (or at least that we’re aware of)!

Racing Rubber Chicken

Pull them back and watch them zoom! Normally rubber chickens aren’t very fast. Really they don’t move at all since they’re not actually alive (but don’t tell them that). But put a set of racing wheels on one and the whole story changes! Speed racer watch out, you’ve got rubber chickens on your six!

Emergency Chicken Noise Maker

Like most people, we constantly find ourselves using chicken noises. But on our own, we’re not too convincing, so we use this emergency chicken noise maker! It’s perfect for stand up comedy acts or for your next visit to the rubber chicken homeworld!

Screaming Goat & Squawking Pigeon

Chickens were the first species to really pioneer the squawking rubber caricature of themselves, and they’ve been incredibly successful with the venture. However, other animals have joined in the fun too! The screaming goat and the squawking pigeon are perfect examples of this.

Rubber Chicken Finger Puppet

A must have for any improvisational finger puppeteers out there. Also for anyone ever, because it’s amazing!

Stress Rubber Chicken


Rubber chickens are silly, sure, but if you’re too stressed out you won’t be able to enjoy anything no matter how silly it is! That’s where stress rubber chicken comes in. You just give this a squeeze and watch as all your stresses melt away. Then go enjoy some rubber chicken fun!

Itty Bitty Rubber Chicken

Small enough to fit in your wallet, and makes a great alternative to boring business cards. This tiny little rubber chicken shows a big personality!

Emergency Inflatable Rubber Chicken

You never want to be caught in a bad position without some rubber chicken energy to boost your spirits. With this emergency inflatable rubber chicken, you never will be! Peace of mind at last!

Bendy Rubber Chicken

Pose him for runway shots or play with him like an action figure! Bendy rubber chicken loves it all. He’s kind of the attention hog of rubber chickens though, so don’t feed his ego TOO much.

There you have it, 11 really dumb rubber chicken things to haunt your dreams. If you’re not satisfied, you can check out our entire collection of rubber chicken stuff, or browse everything we carry (gifts, gags, games, candy, and more) on our website!

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