12 Funny Christmas Items You Won’t Find at The Big-Box Stores

Here at Off The Wagon, we specialize in weird stuff. But specifically we specialize in the funny kind of weird, were you laugh at how outrageous or stupid stuff is! You could say we’re professional weirdos. We pride ourselves in all the completely ridiculous stuff we carry in our shop, and our holiday selection is no exception (hey that rhymed)! We’ve got all sorts of unique and festive Christmas items that we think are incredible (and generally pretty silly). This week, we’ve picked out 12 of our more unique items that we don’t think you’d find if you’re just looking in the big box stores. Check these out:

Creepy Horse Head Ornament

Forget generic baubles or cute ornaments with family member’s names on them. Well, don’t actually forget them because we love all that stuff, just mix in this creepy and weird horse head ornament to add some unique(ly disturbing) flavor to your Christmas tree!

Now Is A Good Time To Lower Your Expectations

We’ve all needed this gift bag on some Christmas or another (some of us more than others). Use it as a silly joke or a much needed tool, your choice!

Beard Ornaments

Decorating a Christmas tree with family or friends can be a really fun holiday tradition. But what do you do when there’s no more room for ornaments? How about decorating some facial hair!

Festive Booze Balls

One part ornament, one part shots, all parts jolly fun! Fill these ornaments with your favorite spirits and knock them back during the holiday celebrations!

Singing Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree can’t contain it’s jolly energy, it just has to dance and sing! It’s really corny but also pretty fun and charming and therefore perfect for the Christmas season!

Gift Wrapping!

That’s right - for an extra fee, we’ll wrap most any gift you order online from us! Weather you’re just lazy or you’re having us send the gift straight to someone else, this is a great option! Plus, we’re pretty good gift wrappers, we do it a lot!

Holiday Glasses

Grab a pair of elf, Santa, or Rudolph glasses! Weather you need a holiday disguise or just want to look more festive, these are for you!

Mac & Cheese Candy Cane

Tired of the same old peppermint candy canes year after year? Or maybe you just love mac & cheese? Try out this unique flavor of candy canes! If you like this idea, we’ve got a handful of similarly ridiculous candy cane flavors you could try!

Beanboozled Naughty or Nice

A box full of Jelly Beans where some are delicious and some are NASTY. The thing is, they all look the same, so you don’t know till you take a bite! Makes for a fun holiday activity!

O-Deer Party Game

Put the antlers on some energetic kid (or whoever wants to wear them) and have everyone else toss rings! You can make it a formal game or just have fun tossing stuff around the house!

Wild Hair Yeti

This yeti is known for being very vain. It’s really proud of all it’s luscious hair, and it wants you to tell it how amazing it is.

Grow A Christmas Tree

Plant a tree this holiday season! It won’t be much for this Christmas, but in the years to come you’ll have your own Christmas tree you planted!

Want more gift ideas and holiday stuff? Check out our holiday collection. Or if you want to browse more generally, you can check out our entire collection!

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